Why rats love a roof

Why rats love a roof

October 7, 2018 0 By sanzida

With the colder days, rodent season is upon us. Just like us human beings, rats like to have it warm and will try to enter homes, farms and buildings to build themselves a warm nest. During winter, residential pest control Sydney gets the most calls for rats in the roof as this place provides a brilliant home for these little creatures to survive and breed in a sheltered spot.


Rats are unwelcomed guests, as they not only carry parasites with them, they are also known to spread diseases, contaminate food and damage your property. Since they are able to breed quickly, you should give your nearest pest control a call at the first sighting to avoid a serious issue. If a rodent problem goes unmanaged, it is most likely there will an infestation soon since a rat can produce up to 15.000 descendants a year.


Rats have adapted to live alongside us humans for a long time and will mostly travel 50 meters from their nest. The rat will happily live in places where it has access to water and food and of course in winter, where there is a shelter. So what best solution is there to build a nest in your home during the cold season? The rodents are known to have a destructive habit of chewing through electrical wires which can cause a house fire but will also chew through aluminium and lead sheeting and plasterboard walls. The rodents have amazing survival skills and can swim long distances and are able to squeeze themselves through holes one-quarter of their own size to explore almost any area of your home.


Rats are nocturnal animals and the pest cannot easily be spotted during the day. If you do, then it is very likely there is already a serious infestation as the rodents only leave their nest when hungry or they are present in large numbers and there is not enough space for all of them. Droppings in and around your home are one of the first signs you have unwelcomed guests followed by the noise of scratching and scurrying feet in the ceiling. Rats also leave dark greasy marks along walls or plumbing pipes along their run tracks where they rub their bodies and a lot of times your dog will tell you about a rats presence by excessive barking in one spot.


Australia is home to two prevalent rat species, the black rat and the Norway rat. The black rat, also known as roof rat, is very common in our homes due to its agility and its great ability to climb. Black rats are the ones you hear running through your wall cavities and across the roof. They make their nests in the ceiling using shredded paper, fabric or cardboard as the roof makes the perfect nesting area with its warm insulation. The rodent might even take some of the insulation away to burrow their nest in it and severely damage your home’s insulation.


This is why rats need to be eliminated from your property as soon as possible. Most grocery store DIY products might only kill the rat in your ceiling where its carcass will then be decaying attracting maggots and flies and give off an extremely unpleasant smell when it rots away. Most pest control services will use bait that will make a rat thirsty and leave the building in search for water where it then dies outside and not in-between your walls.


To minimise future rodent infestation in your home you want to make sure that your garbage bins and other food is not easy to access. Check pipes and other entry holes to make it harder for the rats to enter your building especially in the cold season.


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