Why Pizza is Perfect for Family Night

Why Pizza is Perfect for Family Night

June 1, 2018 0 By Saidul Hoque

Our society doesn’t give enough time to family. We’re all so busy with our careers and social lives that we forget to spend time with our loved ones and show them that we care. Many of us don’t see our parents and siblings except at weddings and funerals, and we’re lucky if we can name three of our cousins.

Some people travel home for Christmas or Thanksgiving, but its peak travel time, so not everyone will make it. Plus, travelling for the holidays is expensive. So it makes more sense to start family traditions early and stick to them. When your kids are little, you should establish a family night were you get together and do an activity you all enjoy.

As the kids get older, you might have to reduce the frequency, but you should still do it once a month. Plus, as the kids grow into adulthood, they might continue with the tradition at sibling level, extending it to their spouses and kids. Ideally, family night should be an active event rather than a passing one, where you do a communal activity, but between boys with beer and kids with cell phones, that might not happen.


Everyone can get their favourite meal

Feeding a group of people can be challenging. You have to factor in all their potential allergies and food preferences, but you also want to buy something they’ll all enjoy. Pizza has that advantage, because with the available toppings, everyone can get at least one item that they like. Plus, with half-and half options, everyone can eat half a pizza of their choice.

Pizza in itself is pretty versatile, you can get thin or thick crust, wholemeal or gluten-free bases, meat, seafood, chicken, or veggie options, and fifty different types of cheese. Some people like their pizza with dips, and you can order these from your pizzeria or make your own dip at home. Either way, with a pizza order, everyone will feel like they enjoyed their favourite meal, making family night all the more fun.


There are no dishes to clean up

There are people who get immense pleasure from feeding their families. They like the feeling of giving people good food and seeing the looks on their faces as they enjoy each delicious bite. However, the downside of preparing a wholesome family meal is once you’re done with all that cooking and feeding, you have to clean up. And by the time you’re ready for dishes and table-clearing, all your guests have gone back home.

With a pizza night, everything comes in a servable box, and all you need are serviettes. If your family insists on plates (and forks) you can get disposable plates for the night. Then, when your guests are all gone, you just switch off the lights and sleep, you don’t have to get stressed about cleaning up. Just remember to throw out the pizza boxes or you’ll probably have a house full of insects in the morning.


It’s literally an instant meal

Cooking for a group often means you have to create a sort of buffet to keep everyone happy. And creating that kind of varied menu probably means you’ll spend the whole day in the kitchen. It may even need more than one day of cooking. So while you can bask in the achievement of knowing your family has enjoyed your culinary labour, well, you have to do the culinary labour to begin with.

Pizza has the advantage of saving you all that work. It’s the ultimate comfort food, and if you don’t count the delivery time, it’s instantly available with no effort on your part besides picking the phone and making that call, or exploring the online menu and ordering on your pizzeria’s website. It’s a win-win.


It goes well with every family activity

What’s family night for you? Do you sit together and watch a movie? Do you gather at the table and catch up on everybody’s week? Do you break off into cliques, with the guys watching the game in the man cave and the girls sipping wine in the kitchen? Do you laze around the swimming pool for laps and finger food?

Pizza works equally well in all those scenarios. If you have grandparents or toddlers with specific culinary requirements, you can order a pizza just for them, maybe something that’s vegan, or low on spice, or has lots of mushrooms and no nuts. Ordering pizza for family night is basically the fastest, cheapest, least disruptive way to serve up a family buffet, and it’s equally satisfying, whether you’re playing board games or indulging in outdoor activities.

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