Why People Love Custom Timber Floors

Why People Love Custom Timber Floors

June 8, 2018 0 By sanzida

More people are turning to custom timber flooring for their homes, when constructing or re-modelling. It is quickly overtaking carpeting, tiles and even concrete as the go to material as more people explore the possibility of having such solid wood floors. There are a lot of reasons why custom timber floors are popular; here are a few of those:


Why People Love Custom Timber Floor Board


They Are Incredibly Versatile

With new technology being used in the curing of wood, timber floors really do go anywhere. They can be installed in main living areas, staircases, kitchen, and hallways. Their installation is also very easy, and a lot less time. You can also play with a host of patterns when dealing with wood. For instance, you can create a herringbone pattern with hardwood, which will remain elegant for a long time. This works with new, reclaimed, and even engineered wood especially when you can create a pattern with both pale timber and darker shades such as oak and cherry.


Timber floors also give the illusion of length. When the planks are installed running along the longest side of a room, they can give the illusion of more space along that area. It works best with open rooms such as living areas and hallways. When coupled with paler woods such as birch, they can make smaller rooms feel a lot roomier.


Can Last A Really Long Time

Hardwood timber floors are also incredibly durable. When compared to other flooring materials such as carpeting, which require replacing every 5 to 7 years, timber has a much longer lifespan. This is however dependent on how well you take care of the flooring including polishing, cleaning, and of course refinishing. There are wooden floors that have been known to last centuries, with some of the older houses even having floors that were installed in the 1900s. The oldest hardwood flooring is said to be in the basement of the YMCA in Paris, which was built in 1895. It is made of Hungarian oak that is installed in a herringbone pattern.


These types of floors can also withstand a great deal of stress and weight, without buckling or creaking. This is however dependent on how well they were installed. It also means that timber flooring can be installed anywhere in the house without worry, including the bedroom where heavy beds, and storage spaces are a concern.


They Are Very Beautiful

It is without doubt that wooden floors are incredibly beautiful. With the different options and finishes available, you can have a variety of stains and colours. Some people even take it a notch further and apply different paints, in order for the flooring to match other parts of the room. With wooden flooring, you can create different contrasts and effects. Pale silvery woods when paired with darker more serious ones such as oak and cherry create a transitioning effect that looks magnificent in different types of lighting. Oak flooring for instance is great for living rooms, since it can be polished to a shine, bringing the entire room together. It is also a great conversation piece.


Value Addition

Well installed, properly maintained hardwood flooring is an investment in your home. This is especially if you are planning to sell it later, the wooden floor can be used to negotiate for a higher price. In fact, some real estate companies classify hardwood floors as capital home improvement. Over time, hardwood floors are also a smarter addition than most of the other flooring material, especially when it comes to the prices of repair and replacement. Carpeting for instance, will need to be replaced in 7 years, which will cost you a bundle for the labour and the purchases involved. The initial cost on installation pays for itself over time purely from the money saved and the value added.


Cost Little to Maintain

Contrary to popular belief, wooden floors are actually a lot easier to maintain when compared to other materials. This includes cleaning, even in high traffic areas such as kitchens. They also require less chemicals and cleaning supplies to keep them neat and well maintained. All you need is to sweep them once a day and sometimes mop them with a moist cloth to get rid of dust. Spot cleaning can be done with gentle wood cleaners to get rid of stains and persistent dirt. Scratches and dents can actually be polished away. This is a far cry from such materials as carpeting, which require an arsenal of cleaning supplies and in some cases, you might need to hire professional cleaners.


Great For Homes With Children And Asthmatics

This is a very important point for any one with small children and family members with Asthma. Wooden floors are not conducive for dust mites, which are said to be a causative agent for asthma in young children. They also do not hold dust, which could aggravate allergies and trigger attacks of breathing complications. This makes them ideal for parts of the house that people tend to spend a lot of time in, such as bedrooms and living areas.


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