Why more people are turning to wood for warmth

Why more people are turning to wood for warmth

October 3, 2018 0 By sanzida

There is nothing quite like the ambience and atmosphere an open fire creates with its lively flames and crackling sound. And there is no heating method as charming as a wood fire as it is a great place to sit by chatting, reading a book or just gazing at the flames for a comforting, cosy feeling on cold winter nights when the wind is blowing outside. Probably also for above reasons, heating with firewood has become more and more popular in Australian homes. Not only is heating with firewood an efficient way to keep the family warm during the cold winter months, using wood as fuel is an opportunity to be more self-sufficient in terms of producing just the right amount of heat.


Especially for people who live in rural parts of Australia, heating with firewood is convenient as there can be emergency situations such as power outages due to a bad windstorm. Sometimes it can take days for the electricity to come back on and any homeowner will agree that at these times there’s nothing better than having a fireplace and a stack of wood prepared for days without central heating and light. Being able to heat the home with firewood will definitely help you to be prepared.


Homeowners who have already turned to heating with wood have stated, that they were able to cut down on energy costs each year as firewood is a sustainable source of energy and with alternative fuel costs on the rise, wood prices remain relatively stable. Heating with firewood is also a great way support the local economy, as there are great native hardwoods in Australia that provide a long and slow burn such as vintage iron bark which is sold and delivered by suppliers right to your doorstep. There are local companies who even provide a yard service where they offer to stack the wood for you in exchange for a small fee. Another reason why so many people are turning to wood for warmth’s is that if firewood is appropriately harvested and transported, heating with wood also leaves a small carbon footprint and is therefore an excellent way to contribute to the Kyoto target.


Chopping firewood is also a great way to keep fit and do a little cardio in the cold season when you’re too tired to work out. By carrying baskets or bags of firewood into the house, picking them up and building the fire is not only a meditative task but a little exercise as well. Especially for the people who cut their own wood or kindling daily, there’s no need to go to the gym anymore


Heating with wood will not only heat the whole house, a wood stove can serve multipurpose as you can even cook your coffee or hot chocolate for the kids after school on it in the morning or throw together a hearty casserole in a cast iron pot and cook it over your fire. Heating with fire becomes just another way of saving money as you might save on kitchenware as well. A wood stove is a great way to keep the family warm and fed.

If you’re thinking of turning to wood for warmth as well but haven’t decided what appliance to get, here are the most common three heating options.



The most traditional way to heat your home with wood is a fireplace. An open fireplace is a great place to gather around and will heat a room while at the same time giving off a lovely atmosphere. However, open fireplaces lose a lot of heat through the chimney and are therefore not ideal as the main heat source.



Woodstoves have become a trendy home appliance lately and there are a lot of companies that sell new furniture with that old rustic look but new emission techniques. They are great to keep the home warm and are more heat efficient than an open fireplace but get really hot all over so children should not be left unaccompanied around it. Most of them come with a stovetop also.


Pellet stove

Pellet stoves give of efficient heat and are a great alternative to wood stoves when you want to keep your house tidy and keep the messy firewood out. The pellets are an excellent fuel made of sawdust residue and compressed wood chips and don’t smell as much as regular firewood when burning.

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