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When it comes to railing, balustrades are a clear frontrunner in terms of popularity. They are customizable, easy to install and they generally work for most household designs. The most important decision when it comes to their installation is the material to use. In most situations, stainless steel balustrades will meet your needs regarding functionality as well as aesthetic appeal. So, what makes stainless steel balustrades so appealing?

They do not clash with your overall theme

Your home is more than a shelter; it is an extension of yourself. Most homeowners will pick out their painting scheme, décor and other elements in the interior (and exterior) design to reflect their personality. As you customize your home, it becomes more challenging to add other features since they have to conform to the overall theme that you are going for.

This is what makes stainless steel balustrades so universally appealing. The simple shiny finish will work with virtually any pre-existing theme. You don’t have to invest more time, or funds, to customize them to ‘fit’ in your home. This applies whether you are using them for indoor or outdoor railing work.

All-weather reliability

Part of the appeal of metallic balustrades is their suitability for indoor and outdoor environments. But, while most metals are resilient to the degrading effect of the elements, stainless steel is vastly superior. Due to having no external coat of paint, the alternating scorching sunlight and soaking precipitation will not chip through the surface. Stainless steel is also resistant to rust.

Even in indoor settings, dampness can cause rust, and exposure to sunlight can lead to paint losing its lustre. This will not be the case if you use stainless steel balustrades. In comparison to other railing materials such as wood, which suffer rot in humid conditions, stainless steel balustrades become the obvious choice.

They are stain resistant

Due to their positioning at ground level, your balustrades will always come into regular human contact. You, your family, and the guests you welcome in your home will always be using your balustrades for support. Whether it is sweat, grease, food or dirt, regular contact will always leave stains on your balustrades. If you have young children, then this list of contaminants is expanded to include crayon marks, scuffs and mud during the rainy seasons.

Stainless steel is impressively stain resistant. With warm soapy water and a soft cloth, almost any stain can be wiped of your balustrades. In fact, a damp cloth should adequately handle most of the common stains such as food, sweat and mud.

They add to the sophistication factor in your home

Picture any portrayal of a futuristic residential or commercial space. This could be from a movie, a magazine or just form your imagination. One thing that stands out is the use of shiny facades to communicate the sophistication of the space. Your home, or office space, can enjoy this ‘sophistication boost’ when you use stainless steel balustrades.

Whether used for railing in internal and external stairways, your deck, porch or

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