Why I Feel more Organised Using Airport Park and Fly Services

Why I Feel more Organised Using Airport Park and Fly Services

July 3, 2018 0 By Saidul Hoque

Whenever I’m flying, I try to minimise my stress levels as much as possible. I know some people get nervous about the idea of flying itself, but I’m far more frazzled by the more mundane aspects of it. I worry about forgetting to pack something important, or carrying something sentimental and then losing my luggage.

After all, losing a fancy perfume or a pair of designer shoes is expensive, but those can always be replaced. If something precious like a treasured gift or a laptop get lost in transit, that’s the kind of thing that nightmares are made of. I get antsy about missing connecting flights (because somehow, it’s never the first plane that you miss), or about being a bother by forcing loved ones to drive to the airport at crazy hours.


No more parking spot blues

One of the most common reasons people are late to board isn’t oversleeping or even traffic. It’s that they got to the airport in time then spent ages finding a good spot. This becomes even more crucial if they intend to be away for some time. They don’t want to imagine their car sitting in bad parking for days. They’ll barely concentrate wherever they are, because they’ll constantly be thinking about the car.

Calling my park and fly service before I leave the house saves me time and hassle. I can ask them to pre-select a slot for me, then when I arrive, I can slip right in. Or I can use their valet service. I just get there, hand over my keys, and they park the car for me. Easy! It’s so much faster and calmer, and I can save my energy for airport security.


Faster airport access

When I’m travelling with the kids, I like to use my own car because ubering or lifting with them is a nightmare. It’s just as bad with my parents, or when I’m travelling with a differently-abled friend. Park and fly services often have special assistance for ‘special’ passengers, so they’ll help me with wheel chairs, car seats, and walking sticks, and tantrums, making sure I don’t an hour getting out of the car.

They also have shuttle services every ten minutes that take me straight to my terminal, so there are minimal delays and I don’t have to wander around the car park with my beloved human sheep. I often wish I could take those parking assistants onto the plane with me. It would make life so much easier.


Weather protection

Park and fly services – at least the good ones – have different tiers of parking. There’s a covered option and an open-air option, depending on how much you want to spend. I’m not big on weather reports, so I just take the covered option. That way I don’t have to worry about rain or wind or falling lamp posts. Plus, whichever option you choose, the parking areas are well serviced with CCTV, strong lighting, and some even have security patrols.

And the staff are remarkably honest. More than once I’ve forgotten something in the car and they always keep it for me. I once got to my holiday spot and realised I’d lost my camera. I was upset because it was pretty pricy, and also because I hadn’t downloaded my recent photos. But the park and fly attendant called me and said they had seen my camera in the car and would keep it for me until I got back. Yay!


Car detailing services

They say whenever you water your garden or wash your car, it will rain. And when I have a flight to catch, the last thing on my mind is vehicular hygiene. Still, many park and fly companies offer comprehensive car wash services, including interiors, exteriors, under-cabs, and even waxing. I think my car looks forward to my plane trips because it gets the best bath of the season. It’s like a spa for my car.

So now when I fly, most of my little concerns are taken care of. I don’t have to wake anyone up for a ride, hunt for pricy parking at the airport, or call the detailer. I can just focus on carrying the right sized bottles, wearing something that doesn’t need a belt, and ensuring there’s no metal in my shoes. If only my park and fly could handle immigration …


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