Why flat pack Granny Flat kits are so popular

Why flat pack Granny Flat kits are so popular

October 7, 2018 0 By sanzida

Granny flats are becoming increasingly popular in Australia. For those who have no clue what those are, these are secondary housing units that can be installed on your property. The flat pack part of the definition refers to the packed nature of the building material for the granny flats as they are delivered on site. This pre-fabricated nature of most of the components is what makes the biggest difference between a granny flat and other housing options. It is similar to putting up flatpack or kit furniture.

Over time, the popularity of granny flats in Australia has grown steadily. They are used as a supplementary living unit for elderly relative (hence the term granny flat) or for other dependents doe whom moving out is not an option, owing mostly to the rising cost of housing in Australia. With that in mind, it becomes easy to see why Granny flats re becoming popular. These are some of the other reasons why.


Granny flats kit homes cost a lot less to put up than most of the other housing options. One of the main reasons why is that they come to you already prefabricated. When compared to an apartment of the same dimensions and space, he savings achieved by constructing one could be anywhere between 15 and 45 percent. This is however dependent on the location, size and the council licensing costs. These compliance costs including land survey, soil testing, the design, the council planning permit and the actual building permit.

Easy to install

Installing a granny flat kit home is actually very easy. The beauty of it is that you can assemble them yourself or have an expert assemble one for you. Most material constructors have their preferred affiliate builders and sometimes they have a network. You could also pick your self-appointed builder if you so choose. Keep in mind that contracting a builder could increase our costs. These usually depend on the builder charges, out rates and site conditions.


Contrary to belief, granny flats are can actually have a lot space. They can be one bedroom or two, with different dimensions. On bedroomed granny flats could be anywhere between 20 meters squared and 39 meters squared. Two bedroom granny flats range from 37 meters squared, to some as large 133 meters squared.  The medium ones could be between 70 and 80 metres squared. These flats also have the possibility of having a veranda that could range in size from about 13 meters to 76 meters.


When working with these kinds of housing structures, one of the best features is ability to customise them to your liking. They can be made to fit your preferences including colour, the style and add-ons that you prefer.  You can also choose the number of accesses and the mobility requirements. This means that wheel chair access and mobility for disabled people can be incorporated in the housing. This customizability means you can make it feel like your own in terms of design and dimensions.

Source of income

One of the things you can do with a granny flat kit home is turning it into anything you want. This versatility is also the reason why they are usually eventually converted into sources of income. In the beginning, the occupants of granny flat kit homes are usually an elderly family member or a dependent that needs a place to live. Once it is no longer in use, they can easily be converted to rental units, or even an air BnB. This means you can earn from having a granny flat in your home, without having to include them into the main house. The privacy of your house is maintained, while giving you the chance to make money.


The main component of the structure in this type of home option is a steel frame structure. Steel is known to be incredibly durable, and when used as a base for a structure they tend to last longer. You can also add other proficiencies together with the granny flat kit home, to make it more energy efficient. This includes solar panels, solar water heaters and different trash receptacles, including Eco waste, organic waste and recyclables.

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