What’s the Appeal of Timber Flooring?

What’s the Appeal of Timber Flooring?

July 11, 2018 0 By sanzida

Solid timber floors have been used by home builders for decades. Originally, it was done out of necessity. Wood was the only readily available building material. But today, timber floors are used for a number of reasons: they’re beautiful and add warmth to any room, they’re durable, and they add value to the home. Yet, timber flooring doesn’t just appeal to homeowners.

Interior designers, home buyers and builders all have a shared love of timber flooring due to its versatility as a design and architectural element. In particular, there are four specific reasons why solid timber floors are an appealing choice; it’s adaptable, it adds value, it’s cleaner than carpet, and it instantly adds charm to a property.

Endless Design Appeal


Solid timber floors are timeless, and as the largest design element in your home, your choice in flooring affects the overall look and feel of your home. Fortunately, solid hardwood and engineered timber floors are versatile. They can create modern, sophisticated spaces, or be used to set off a classic, farmhouse aesthetic. The options are endless.

Plus, whereas carpet, tiling and patterned linoleum tend to lose appeal over time – think shag carpet from the 1970s – hardwood flooring is much more adaptable. In fact, well-built and maintained timber flooring stays stylish forever, and it can last for generations.  


Appealing to Homebuyers


When you market your home for sale, aging flooring like carpet or linoleum can be a deal breaker. Why? Flooring is costly to replace. And traditionally, buyers are hesitant to purchase homes in need of large-ticket repairs.

In other words, solid wood or engineered hardwood floors that have been maintained instantly appeal to homebuyers. Surveys of real estate brokers regularly find that homes with hardwood sell faster and at a higher price point. And that’s why renovating your home and adding hardwood floors increases your property’s values. In fact, over time, the value added to your home typically covers the project cost and even may turn a profit when it comes time to sell.


Improve Air Quality


Carpeted floors are dirty. They tend to collect pet dander, dust and other allergens, and therefore, for people with allergies, carpeted floors are often avoided. Linoleum can also collect dirt and grim, and some versions are porous, meaning they attract bacteria.

Wood flooring, on the other hand, stays cleaner and it does not attract allergens and bacteria. Plus, wood floors are easier to maintain, only needing to be regularly swept or vacuumed, and they’re less prone to staining, unlike carpets and linoleum.  


Adds Character and Texture to Any Room


Timber wood floors can transform a space, instantly adding warmth and drawing people into the room, and since flooring is the focal point of a space, the right flooring can create a lasting first impression.

Homeowners also have a menu of options for timber flooring, by colour and texture. Lighter boards have become a popular choice for modern and refined designs, while darker boards can add a more urbane and sophisticated aesthetic.


From the advent of modern homebuilding techniques


timber flooring has been appealing to builders, buyers and residents. Today that trend has continued. Now, modern timber flooring is more durable and stylish than ever. And renovating your home’s flooring to incorporate timber can instantly add character, increase the value of your home, and make it more appealing to homebuyers.

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