What is engineered timber flooring?

What is engineered timber flooring?

When it comes to wooden flooring you might come up against some terms that you’ve never of. Sure, there’s “solid wooden floorboards”, which you’d assume means solid planks of wood (which you would be right to assume!), but then there is “engineered timber flooring”.

So if we’ve got “solid timber flooring” meaning planks of wood, then what is “engineered wooden floorboards”? Fake wood? The answer is no.


Engineered timber flooring



Engineered wooden boards are a type of timber veneer flooring. That is, a thinner top layer of wood on top of other layers of another wood or type of fibre. Veneers were developed traditionally to give the appearance of wood without the high costs involved with solid wood. However, engineered timber flooring is not only cheaper than solid timber flooring.


What’s it made of?

With these types of floorboards, you have the top layer of your original type of wood, followed by other layers of woods, or wood fibres. Each layer is bonded to the next so that it comes packed in the end like a solid board, but when flipped on the side you can see the striped layers within.


Less warping

Solid floorboards are at risk of warping, especially in wet or damp environments such as the kitchen or bathroom. Engineered wooden floorboards, because of their composition, are less inclined to warp. This makes them a much better choice in these types of environments.



Some engineered wooden floorboards are far easier to install – these are the click in boards used in a floating floor. These boards may be done DIY, which can save a lot of money off the cost of purchasing and installing your floors.


Can I sand them and recoat them?

Make sure that if you are considering engineered wooden floorboards that you look closely at the thickness of the top layer of wood. The thicker this layer is, the more that you will be able to do with the boards i.e. sanding, refinishing, etc. With a thinner topped board, you may only get one or two sanding and refinishing cycles out of the boards.


How does it look?


To those worried about whether your friends will be able to tell if you’ve decided to get engineered wooden floorboards: worry not. Engineered boards are near impossible to tell apart from solid timber flooring. Because they both have the same surface finish, they both look the same to the naked eye. It’s only if you rip them up or sand too much that you’ll be able to tell the difference.


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