Using glass balustrades in your bathroom

Using glass balustrades in your bathroom

October 7, 2018 0 By sanzida

The good news is, there are plenty of places inside your home you can use glass balustrades. Glass is no longer designed for use just in doors, windows, kitchen splashbacks, but also as frameless glass shower screens for your bathroom.

When people choose to renovate their bathroom – or build one from scratch it can be a hard room to renovate, there don’t seem to be a lot of choices – tiles and porcelain. Not anymore, GLASS is now a great way to modernise any room – including your bathroom. You want your bathroom to look sleek and this is where a frameless glass shower screen looks great. Glass is naturally sleek in its appearance and it isn’t as susceptible to dirt and debris – or mould build up as tiles and ceramics can be. Also, when it comes to a more traditional – and now outdated shower screen where the frame touches the wall, isn’t always smooth, so there is a lot of area for mould and mildew to grow.

Glass is naturally smooth, so water simply slips off the surface rather than clinging to it, so when splashes hit your shower they slide down the glass and into the drain, rather than onto the frames of your shower recess where it clings and forms mould. Glass is also easier to clean, a simple spray over with a cleaner and a wipe and you’re done.

Glass balustrades in your bathroom can make your room look bigger, brighter and cleaner. Glass lasts a long time, but framed glass is less durable as the metal frame is at risk of corroding – a bathroom isn’t called a *wet-room* for nothing and over time, heat and dampness will take its toll on metal frames.

When you install frameless balustrades, you don’t have to worry about frames corroding or rusting and being frameless you won’t be limited by selection, you can even customise your frameless shower screen or panel easily, without having to worry if it will fit in your shower stall or not.

When you want to modernise your bathroom frameless glass shower screens are definitely the way to go, it doesn’t only make your room look amazing, it makes cleaning your bathroom a lot less work as well.

Glass balustrades are perfect for your bathroom, they provide a barrier – to prevent water from your shower splashing everywhere in the room, they also allow light in, make the room brighter for you and are easy to see through. Glass balustrades for indoor and outdoor use come in two ways – as an infill with an outer frame or structure, or, they can be the main structural component – frameless.

All glass balustrades are made from Grade A toughened safety glass, if used at higher levels then a toughened laminated safety glass is used – a must for the bathroom. The exact specifications will depend on many things including the size of the panel and what it is being used for.

Glass bathroom vanities are now also becoming a popular choice for use as they provide a clean and contemporary look, while still being functional. Vanities or hand basins are available in a range of colours, with a choice of tinted, opaque or clear glass and can often be designed to match in with your mirrors or shower screen. Glass handbasins are typically manufactured from 10-12 mm toughened glass and provide a clean and hygienic surface that is perfect for bathrooms.

Teamed with a glass balustrade or shower screen they give your bathroom a modern and clean look that also adds brightness and openness to the room. Often made from toughened and/or laminated glass with the thickness depending on the style you have chosen. Glass balustrades provide a hygienic and clean solution for your bathroom with mould, mildew and bacteria kept to a minimum.

Glass balustrades are a cost effective and simple way to create and have a modern and light bathroom, perfect for smaller rooms, or rooms with limited natural lighting. Made from safe and durable glass they are easy to clean and with no cracks, groves or spaces, just a smooth surface there is no where for mould or mildew to build up. Shapes, styles colours and thickness can all be designed around your individual needs.


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