Tips for the perfect bridal neckline

Tips for the perfect bridal neckline

January 7, 2019 0 By sanzida

In the movies (and reality shows), brides rush for the sweetheart neckline. It makes sense, because it seems elegant and sophisticated, and because you don’t get many chances to wear a sweetheart dress in daily life. You might have one on your bikini or bathing suit, or maybe on a girly sundress, but that’s about it. A more practical reason comes from bridal seamstresses. A sleeveless dress and/or sweetheart neckline are easier to adjust, giving bigger or smaller, brides a more flattering fit, especially on short notice.

That said, sweetheart necks are best for busty brides. If you’re on the smaller side, a boat-cut (bateau) or jewel cut (t-shirt neckline) are better, because they exaggerate your upper curves. The Pronovias Monti will do nicely. It has a bateau neck laid over a sweetheart bodice. It has criss-cross ribbons over intense beading and embroidery, both at the front and back. The satiny skirt flows out in a voluminous A-line, and the dress has pockets too!

Illusions of grandeur

For a bride that’s particularly petite and wants to really make a statement, the soon-to-be-here Ariya is a top Bridal Secrets recommendation. We don’t generally advise dramatic dresses for small body types, because you could get lost into the dress. That’s why ball-gowns are a no-no for size zero brides. But you could ‘cheat’ with this illusion jewel neckline Sottero and Midgely. The illusion lace holds up a contemporary w-neckline that boosts your bust. The back has illusion lace as well, decorated with richly embroidered flowers.

Meanwhile, the skirt has voluminously structured ruffles that form a fluttering pyramid of distinct style, with its dense but wispy A-line. It looks gorgeously grand on a short-haired bride.

Slinky sleeveless

Similarly, while sleeveless dresses are popular for sunny weddings, you have to put some thought into it. A straight-across sleeveless looks great if you have an ample bust and broad shoulders, but if you’re on the slimmer side, it ‘boxes’ the shape of your body, just like a tube top. Opt for a Queen Anne neckline instead. It’s flattering on everyone, and has a stately, conservative look, high at the back, covering the shoulders, baring the arms, and sweetheart in front. The back and shoulders are often lacy, and the dress is frequently sleeveless.

Halter necks – while popular for sundresses and beachwear – should be chosen with care. They look best on taller brides, 5’7 and above. On a smaller bride, you could end up looking squat, especially with a bulky skirt. Halters flatter wide shoulders, and slim down narrower ones, so carefully gauge your shoulder width.

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