Tips for keeping ants away from your desk

Tips for keeping ants away from your desk

October 7, 2018 0 By sanzida

Despite their size, ants are a common nuisance and unwelcomed co-workers as they are unpleasant to be invaded by and have a nasty sting. The insects are not known to carry diseases, but most of the time you don’t know where they have been foraging before so you don’t want them to crawl all over your food and some of the species are also known to be attracted to electrical cables making your workplace very unsafe.

Ants communicate with each other through chemical signals as they are leaving a pheromone trail behind for their fellow friends to call for help or follow to get to the food resource. This way they are able to take food back to their nest to feed the queen and larvae.


They are also capable of giving off a pheromone that lets other ants know about a dead corpse and the colony will come and recycle it. Hence when you spot an ant it is most likely that there will be more to come especially when you have food or sweet drink spillage around your workplace as this will act like the Holy Grail for the ants to make their way to your office desk. In relation to its size, the insect is one of the world’s strongest creatures, as some species can lift 20 times than their body weight. They are social creatures and always live in colonies that can make up from twelve ants to a colony of millions of critters.

If you want to know how to keep ants away from your desk, we will provide you with some tips for keeping your workplace safe from these little critters.


Surely your colleagues will bring in the occasional delicious homemade cookie, cupcake or a birthday cake to share. While we love free snacks to take to our desks, be sure ants will love a treat as well.  Not only do plastic containers keep food fresh, snacks should always be kept safely in a container with a tight lid. Food should never be left out in the open, especially not overnight when everyone has gone home. If you do not have a kitchen area or break room to eat your snack or are too dedicated to your work to take a break, make sure you clean up your desk after snacking, as a tiny crumb will make ants hope for more.


They also love to hide on a messy desk so make sure yours is always tidy and clean and not cluttered with chaos.


Ants will find any food residue hence it is important to clean and wipe any surface after your workday, which has been in contact with food. Ants can smell any crumbs and spills on the counter and desk and leave their scent trails for others to follow. This will confuse the ants and they are unable to detect the snack. Wiping will also prevent mould building. Organic waste such as apple cores and empty biscuit packages should not be thrown away in the office bin. Make sure you dispose of such garbage in the kitchen bin with a tight lid on.


While an insecticide spray might come handy, it is usually only a short-term solution and might even cause health issues for people sensitive to home remedies. Ant problems can be challenging and in a lot of cases, it helps to communicate with co-workers and employees to identify sanitary problems first. In most cases, ants have already invaded the building and made nests in the facility from where they come out and forage for food. If you see ant-activity going on in your workplace that cant be handled yourself anymore, call your nearest pest control service for a long-term pest-free solution and a safe working environment.


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