Things to consider before planning a wedding

Things to consider before planning a wedding

January 7, 2019 0 By sanzida

For many relationships, getting your fiancé to propose is only the first hurdle. Now you need to live through the wedding planning without losing your cool. Planning a wedding can strain the strongest of relationships, so get all the help you can to make sure you do it right. Some of the factors that make it a challenge include mismatched expectations, pressure from in-laws, and financial constraints. Here are some of the issues that On Read Australia, recommend you discuss as a couple before you pick a date or draft an invite list.

Family members

You might think this is about who to invite and who not to, but it can be way more complicated than that. Has either of you been married before? If so, what’s your relationship with your ex or step-kids, and how will this affect the wedding? What about your parents? Are they divorced or remarried? Can they bring their new spouse? Do either of you (not) get along with siblings? Is there any relative who absolutely must be invited (or not)? These are scenarios that can make or break a wedding because the blood that ties you to your family might be thicker than the ring that will bind you to your spouse …

Finance matters

How are you going to fund the wedding? Will you split costs as a couple, use your credit cards, or get help from either family? If relatives are paying for it, how much will they influence your desired location, theme, or dress? Speaking of your dress, it’s often the most significant item in the budget, so decide how much you can spend early on. Do you want to glow and sparkle in your Safira ball gown by Sottero & Midgely? Set aside the dress budget first, then you can see how to distribute the rest of your wedding funds. That way, even if you opt for a cheap civil wedding, your dress will leave you with no regrets. For a bride, her dress is the real deal-breaker.

Framing preferences

What do you intend to do about photography? Will you have a backdrop or photo booth for your guests? Are you okay with them posting to social media during the ceremony, and do you want them to tag you? Will you hire a professional? Do you want stills, video, or both? This isn’t just a matter of price. These days everyone with a high-pixel camera phone sees themselves as an expert, so your choice of the photographer could hurt feelings and launch life-long feuds.

Formal matters

If either of you is a foreign national, you may need additional licensing to make the wedding legal. If it’s a destination wedding, visas will come into play, even if you’re taking a kayak to New Zealand or Fiji. Plus, are there any religious or cultural necessities you need to consider, like breaking glasses or having a sermon? Make all these decisions as a cohesive unit before you invite any outsiders into the wedding planning circle. After all, it’s the two of you that will live with your wedding choices forever.

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