The Top 10 Things Girls Complain About Their Hair Doing

The Top 10 Things Girls Complain About Their Hair Doing

May 25, 2018 0 By Saidul Hoque

Hair can be a girl’s crowning glory or her greatest nightmare. Fortunately, lots of our hair-raising complaints are easy to resolve if we just know how.


Not growing fast enough

If your hair seems stuck at the same length, do a hair audit. Maybe you don’t see a difference because there’s too much breakage, or maybe it’s your split ends. Using conditioners, using less heat, and careful combing can minimise breakage. Weekly or monthly trims will take care of split ends. For length, take a tip from naturalists and do some protective styling. When your hair is in braids, weaves, or (faux) locks, you don’t fiddle with it every day, so it has time to grow undisturbed. Also, keep in mind that hair only grows about 1cm per month, and if your hair is curly, that’s not as easily observable. Try tugging on a strand and you’ll be surprised how fast your hair is actually growing.


Falling off

As it turns out, the balding gene is inherited from your mum’s family line, not your dad’s (apparently it resides in the X chromosome), so you’ve probably been worrying about the wrong hairline. Define the (non-hereditary) cause. It could be over-processing, over-brushing, or medical reasons. Check if you’re just shedding off your head, or whether your eyebrows, eyelashes, and underarms are affected. A doctor can advise you on medication or dietary changes, but if it’s in your blood, you still have options. We’ve come a long way in hair transplants, extensions, or a nice wig.


Flaking and dandruff-ing

No, they’re not the same thing. Your scalp flakes when it’s too dry or irritated, leaving scaly bits in your hair. Dandruff is more of a fine, powdery residue that happens when your hair is too greasy. The grease blocks the cells, which get clogged and build up, then shed themselves into your hair. Apple cider vinegar washes will take care of flaking, while anti-dandruff shampoo is better at getting rid of oil build-up.


Getting frizzy

A lot of people assume that frizzy hair is caused by humid temperature, whether it’s some time at the beach or constant precipitation during winter. Truth is fizziness comes from the inside. Your hair stays soft, supple, and shiny thanks to natural sebum deposits. During tropical holidays or freezing sleet and snow, you get dehydrated, so your hair frizzes. Drink lots of water to restore your natural oils, and use silicone-based or protein products to hydrate your hair.


Being too greasy

As we’ve mentioned, hair has natural oils, just like our skin. We maintain healthy levels of sebum (natural oil) by taking daily showers, but our hair may build up and end up looking limp and dull. Wash your hair once a week with gentle shampoo to get rid of the excess oil. Don’t wash more frequently than that, or your hair may end up dry and brittle as you remove all the sebum or you can visit professional hair salon in Sydney.



Drying out too much

Dry hair isn’t like dry skin. It’s not a ‘hair type’. It’s more often caused by weather exposure and harsh hair treatments from heat and chemicals. Find the right conditioner or essential oil and apply it generously and consistently, coating each strand. It will take a few months to see the difference, so be patient. Also, drink lots of water and comb your hair the right way for its texture. Fine, straight hair can break if you comb it while wet. Loose curl patterns can tangle when wet, which can lead to breakage. However, the tightest curls – the ones that shrink when wet – are also softest when wet so you should tease your hair with an Afro pick to minimise damage.


Not retaining that professional look

You may look and feel fabulous when you leave the hairdresser’s, but half an hour later, you feel dull and drab again. First off, it’s normal. That starlet whose hair always looks picture-perfect has a team of 24/7 stylists. And that girl you’re envying on the street has probably come straight from the beauty salon, so cut yourself some slack. Ask your hairdresser for maintenance tips, or let him/her advise you on styles with staying power. Also, setting spray is your friend.


Having no volume

On TV, the stars always have waves that ripple when they walk or whirl in the breeze. Pro-tip: those TV stars are standing next to a fan, and their volume is rarely natural. Even curly-haired girls lack that sexy top-down-driving effect, because their curls are often too dense to respond seductively to the wind. If you want that bob and bounce, get some volumising gel and a good curler, tongs, or rollers – possibly all three.


Going grey

Aging is a natural process, but that doesn’t mean we have to like it. If you find yourself going grey, first, count a blessing – just one – like the fact that you’re greying instead of balding. Then consider your options. You could wear a shorter cut so that the grey is less distinct, or get a dye job. Incidentally, you can actually do a grey dye, so that it looks coiffed and stately instead of tired and grizzled. Maybe a dye in your natural tone with silver highlights … it could be quite distinguished…


Just ‘looking wrong’

It’s the anthem of the bad hair day. Sometimes, you see exactly what the problem. Other days, you have no idea but your hair just feels … wrong. First decide if it’s your hair that’s upset or just your mood. Then consider a different style (or stylist). If what’s on your head was chosen because it looked nice on someone else – whether it was a friend, a magazine model, or a hottie on TV – talk to a professional for tips on what works best with your facial shape, skin tone, or hair texture.

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