The Reason People Prefer Concrete Pools

The Reason People Prefer Concrete Pools

May 14, 2018 0 By tabbas

The advantages of owning or having a swimming pool cannot be understated. Currently, there are more options to owning a pool as compared to 20 years ago for example. As it stands, you can have your pool made out of fibreglass, plastic or the tried and tested material, concrete.

Owning a pool is a sizeable investment however and a bunch of factors have to be considered before making the final decision. For most people, it always boils down to the type of material, and the race narrows down to two sets; fibreglass and concrete. Here are some the reasons why concrete is a superior choice that will ultimately fulfil your needs:


Design options

Of all the materials used to make pools, concrete offers you the widest range when it comes to design. Other materials, for instance fiberglass, are limit the design to certain predetermined shapes, which are then put together, before the pool is delivered to your home. This effectively limits your design to what the pool builder is willing to offer.

With concrete however, the design is largely open, within the confines of water retention and structural integrity. Concrete pools are made from the ground up in your own compound, making them easier to shape and design, in line with your needs and expectations. You can play around with various additions including steps, divisions and the bottom finishing to create the pool of your dreams. Concrete pools can also be designed to fit whatever shape and size your compound allows.



If you are making a comparison between pool making materials, concrete has the lowest initial cost of any permanent pool. It is more expensive to construct when compared to plastic for example, but the durability far outweighs the initial construction cost. When compared to other pool construction materials however, concrete tends to have a lower initial cost. Fibreglass pools tend to cost more depending on various factors such as size and installation, primarily due to the cost of the material to begin with. This is something you do not have to worry about when dealing with concrete.


Easy to maintain

When thinking about swimming pools, one of the factors to consider is durability. Vinyl pools lose this battle when pitted against fibreglass and concrete pools. However, it is important to note that no pool is immune to wear and tear. With continuous use, fibreglass pools are prone to cracks along the pool shell. These tears usually demand that you change the entire pool shell, which is an expensive and time consuming affair. Concrete pools on the other hand can be repaired fairly easily, without needing an overhaul of any particular nature. They can also be spot repaired, to plug a leak, fix a crack or replace a tile.



Of all the materials that are used on making swimming pools, concrete is the most customisable. This is beyond their shape and size. You are able to add a host of other features when it comes to your pool. With concrete pools, you can add waterfalls, grottos and any other unique feature you deem fit. You can even play around with the pool floor to make such additions as pebbles and certain types of sand, to create an illusion of a beach. The surroundings of the swimming pools are also at your design mercy, allowing you to add spas, massage tables and chill spots. Another customisation you can play around with when it comes to concrete pools is underwater lighting. Since you can play around with the depth in concrete swimming pools, you can also include a diving board.


Durability and perception

Concrete as a material has been known to last for years. As such, qualified pool builders, over years of experimenting and refinement, know exactly how to construct your pool so that it lasts for years. Unlike other pool materials, it does not require constant replacements for cracked, broken or worn out parts. They are structurally sound and tend to last for decades before requiring any type of maintenance.

Concrete pools are also generally considered more luxurious compared to other pool building options. They convey tradition and stability and are associated with a certain level of quality, luxury and wealth. These types of pools also tend to stay cooler during warmer temperatures. This is mainly due to the poor conductivity of concrete as compared to vinyl and fibreglass.


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