The Psychological Benefits Of Boxing

The Psychological Benefits Of Boxing

July 20, 2018 0 By Saidul Hoque

Boxing has been lauded all over the world as being one of the best workouts. It has shown fat-burning benefits to the body, with most of them being felt on the arms and around the core. It helps form lean arms by toning the triceps and flat abs since you constantly have to pivot while keeping the core tight. Boxing also helps you build endurance, with the constant high intensity movement required. Anyone who has ever tried boxing will tell you that punching a bag, or bobbing and weaving to evade punches is definitely no easy task

As much as it is good for the body, boxing has been known to have benefits to mental health as well. People who suffer from a wide range of mental health issues including depression, anxiety, and attention issues, have been known to find a certain balance in boxing. It has also been known to elevate moods and increase motivation in people who suffer from low moods and lack motivation. Here are some of the psychological benefits of boxing:


Releases endorphins and helps with stress relief

Physical activity has been scientifically proven to release endorphins. For those who may not know, endorphins are a group of hormones that are secreted by the brain in response to certain stimuli, in this case exercise, which have a euphoric effect on the body. It has been observed in runners, a phenomenon referred to as a runners high, and it is also induced by boxing.

When training with a punching bag, the body enjoys both the physical activity and the rhythm of the punches, secreting endorphins. It also works to relieve tension in the muscles that commonly accumulates when dealing with stress. These two combine to produce a feel good effect, thereby reducing the effect stress has on your body.


Allows you to concentrate on yourself

Sometimes, all your mind needs for it to reboot is sometime by itself. With boxing, this is entirely possible. It is a fast and demanding sport which requires 100% concentration to learn and execute both the footwork and punch combinations successfully. This does not leave room in your brain to worry about the everyday stresses of life, and once you are done with your workout, believe it or not, your mind comes out well rested. Our body on the other hand, is another story altogether.


You are never really alone

Boxing is a sport that requires others to participate. As such, when you take up boxing, you will meet new people with similar interests in the gym. Most of them will be learners like you, or even people undertaking a different exercise in the gym. Boxing also requires that you train with a coach and a sparring partner, who will motivate you to keep working out. This is the reason it is recommended for people who have a problem meeting new people, or struggling with loneliness. You will meet people with a common interest in fitness making it easier to make new friends. Whether you are sparring together, or holding their feet and counting while they do their crunches, or even doing pair work with pads, this is a great place to find motivation and create new networks.


You get to learn a lot about yourself

It is a great avenue for self-discovery. As you develop your unique boxing style, you will learn more about how your brain reacts to things and how quickly you are able to learn and adapt. Most people do not realise that boxing is a lot more than simply throwing punches; it requires a high level of strategy. This is the source of tactics several combinations of hooks, jabs, and uppercuts which look like a well-choreographed dance and looks very cool in slow motion at the movies. With boxing, learning all this will help you learn perseverance, concentration and balance, as well as improving your reflexes tremendously.

Raises your self esteem

For most people, self-esteem is tied to certain aspects of themselves that they feel they need to work on. Some people will feel that they require to get stronger while others may feel that they need to shed some weight. Boxing helps will be able to help both types of people, since the physicality of the training not only helps people tone their bodies and get leaner, it also increases physical strength.

Some people have taken up boxing to help them overcome issues that are related to the unfortunate bullying that happens in school. The whole process of getting stronger, more disciplined, and most importantly learning a version of self-defence had helped them overcome the trauma. It can also instil a sense of discipline and achievement which boosts your self-confidence.

Great tool for anger management

Anger makes you feel like hitting something. It becomes especially dangerous when it is married with deep held resentments and other toxic feelings. For a long time, boxing has provided an outlet for these destructive feeling, for a lot of people. The act of physically unloading a barrage of punches into a punching bag produces a response in your brain that is cathartic. It helps you relieve the tension and let go. It is doubly important since boxing and the training involved allows you to do this is a safe environment. You learn to let go of the aggression and the tension with a group of other people who in many ways will help you work through, and finally overcome the negative feelings.

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