The Main Pests That We Grapple with In Sydney Homes

The Main Pests That We Grapple with In Sydney Homes

October 7, 2018 0 By sanzida

The constant battle between good and evil. The age-old tale of light versus dark has echoed through time and space, as the two forces showdown against one another. One could not exist without the other. This begrudging co-dependence has been played out on the battlefield across the world, on the field, in the sky, and in your home. Each adversary fights for the same thing. Territory and way of life. Each adversary strongly believes that their way is right the way. They dance the tango of life, constantly grappling and try to the upper hand, gaining some ground, then slipping back – only to get back up and continue struggling for their place in this world.

People Vs Pests

Yes, people vs pests is one of these struggles, yet it is hard to define who is the light and who is the dark, as the two constantly battle for their right of place: their piece of territory, their place of belonging. In every fight, there is an under roach, and in this case, it’s the pests.

But don’t be fooled, the pests have the numbers and perseverance on their side and some even have the ability to survive nuclear blasts. But the people have a secret weapon, they have the knowledge and technological advancements. The pests have sheer numbers and have joined forces with other species and combined efforts to take back what they believe is rightfully theirs. The battle takes place on the bloody ground of Sydney, Australia.

In this post, we will take a look at some of the combatants and attributes on the side of the pests to get a further understanding and possibly the knowledge to defeat these nefarious forces.


Rats are the main opponents to Sydney’s humans and will try to invade homes at any cost. They have the ability to reproduce at rapid rates and form large armies. Rats often invade homes and business that leave scraps of food or trash around, which the rat foes consider food. Unfortunately, the people of Sydney have been outnumbered and are losing the battle, as the rats are taking over using their large armies to gain control.

The humans have been developing techniques to try and combat this, but to this day have not found a way to stop them… Or have they? Humans have been seeking help from hired guns, who are an elite unit specifically trained in the art of pest control. But will it be enough to stop the wave of rats rolling on in?


Cockroaches are another branch of the pest army. They are small yet deadly and have the ability to spread disease that can be deadly to humans. Although they are not genetically equipped to face a human head on, they are small, agile and potentially dangerous. Humans have had to engage in chemical warfare to eradicate them. And like rats, they have the ability to reproduce in rapid numbers.  You can be sure if you’ve seen one scurrying around then there will be many more unseen in the area. They are rarely seen during the day and come out at night to invade your home and spread disease.


Another regiment in the pest squad are the pesky possums. They are the biggest in stature and can be considered infantry of the legion of pest invaders. Don’t let their cute and fluffy appearance fool you, they are a force to be reckoned with, and will take great pleasure in wreaking havoc around the homes of Sydneysiders – outside as well as in. Possums are super agile and can climb their way onto your roof or through an open window and make a mess of your home and trash deposits. They usually operate alone, although can communicate with each other and help each other to target the weakness in your fortress.


Termites can only to be described as small and devastating. These pests don’t directly target their adversaries; they opt for a more tactile approach of destroying structures to take the humans out of commission. They have a constant hunger for anything that is wood and will eat their way through your house until its reduced to rubble. They are stealthy little units and operate in large packs and will make a nest in your home while chewing their way through it. Human special units called pest controllers have been specifically trained to identify and eradicate these tiny heinous lovers of destruction. Some warning signs of a termite invasion can be determined by rotting wood around dwellings of Sydneysiders.


These critters take to the ceilings and build webs, which is the base of their operations. They go for a more head-on approach in battle and will often bite humans while they sleep or when they least expect it. They grow slow in numbers, but if left untreated can reach a full-scale army. They are hard to spot and will turn up on your toilet seat in the middle of the night and scare you to death.

As the battle wages on throughout Sydney, the pests have had the upper hand until now. The elite forces of the pest control team have been gaining territory and eradicating the numbers of the pests. If you suspect the pests are taking over your abode, then call in the professionals.

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