The Best Eco-friendly Cleaning Supplies in 2018

The Best Eco-friendly Cleaning Supplies in 2018

May 21, 2018 0 By Saidul Hoque

Housework is one of the most basic and most challenging tasks anyone can undertake. Its repetitiveness can make it seem futile. After all, you wash dishes every day, and every day, more dishes pile up. You sweep and clean and scrub and mop and things just get dirty again. Still, we continue to clean, and we try to do it in a way that doesn’t harm the environment.

The problem is that sometimes, we don’t know that our cleaning implements are doing any harm. For example, few people know that bleach doesn’t actually get rid of nasty stains. All it does is get rid of the colour, but the staining agent remains. Which means bleach is basically ineffective as a cleaning agent, and yet it’s so toxic that if you use it in an enclosed space, you can pass out in minutes.

Socially conscious people would like to believe you can get your home, office, and surfaces clean without harming surrounding life. Is this possible when even strong, toxic chemicals don’t do a good job? Yes, it is. Let’s look at some cleaning tools and products that have been proven to be kind to the environment and are still effective at cleaning tasks.


Biodegradable scouring pads

We usually scrub put pots, pans and surfaces with steel wool or a synthetic scouring fibres that don’t rot and can get caught between your fingers. Steel wool rusts as well, causing an unhealthy mess. Paper towels are also used for drying and wiping, and some people think they’re a good choice, because they can be made from recycled paper.

However, it’s still paper, and trees have to be cut down for paper to be manufactured. A green alternative is to use rewashable fabrics like bamboo cloth or ecloth. NatureZway bamboo towels can be washed up to 100 times before they disintegrate. They are absorbent, so they can sop up grease stains and scrub dirty surfaces before they eventually biodegrade.

Similarly, ecloth works well for windows, mirrors, and glass surfaces, leaving no lint and or trees. It can be washed 300 times and consists of microfibre filaments. Another option for drying dishes and wiping surfaces is the Skoy cloth. It can absorb to 15 times its own weight, and one Skoy cloth can replace 15 sheets of paper towels.

The Skoy cloth dries fast, so there’s no moisture to encourage bacterial growth. For tougher scrubbing, you can use the versatile Scrub Daddy. When it’s dipped in cold water, it hardens, and when used with warm water, it softens, so you can change the water temperature, depending on what you’d like to scour.


Bathroom cleaners

Instead of pouring bleach down the toilet, try the Better Life toilet bowl cleaner. It leaves the toilet smelling fresh, and it actually removes stains rather than simply destroying the coating agent. Better Life is made using extracts from plants, so it doesn’t harm nature and is safe to use in sewer systems. To scrub the stains off, use a pumie stick made of pumice stone. It’s quite effective for those rings of discolouration at the toilet bowl’s water line.

Urine Off Bio Pro is another natural cleaner, uniquely formulated to break urine down into its individual components. It doesn’t just work on urine. It’s equally effective on other bodily products including streak marks. Urine Off is an enzyme-based cleaner, so it destroys the stain and all traces of particulate scent. It’s effective for pet waste as well, and it can be used on any bathroom surface, not just the toilet bowl.

Tubs, sinks, and shower walls accumulate soap scum and other suds. Tackle them with Method shower spray infused with Ylang Ylang and other plat extracts. Its active ingredient is a solvent that’s derived from the by-products of timber mills. The solvent can dissolve grease and built up grime.


Floors and other surfaces

Wooden floors, tables, and furniture need specialised cleaning fluids that will get rid of surface dirt without damaging the wood or washing off its oils and varnishes. Simply Floored is a multi-surface cleaner that works well on hardwood, but it can also clean ceramic tiles, vinyl, stool, bamboo, and laminate. It safe for a variety of sealed flooring choices.

Tougher surfaces like steel and porcelain may need a stronger cleaning agent, so try Mrs. Meyers Surface Scrub or you can also contact any cleaning company in Sydney. It’s a scouring powder that can clean grimy surfaces like ovens and drains without scratching or damaging them. It’s made using oxygen bleaching agents and ash, and it doesn’t have any phosphates or chlorine, so you can use it to clean pots and pans.


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