Sydney Brides Spill the Tea on Their Best Wedding Secrets

Sydney Brides Spill the Tea on Their Best Wedding Secrets

January 7, 2019 0 By sanzida

Trying to do something a little different for your wedding is hard. These days, everyone’s clued in about custom cocktails, lolly bars, and parties after the reception. That’s why we asked some newlywed brides to see what their little unique bridal secrets were. They spill the tea here:


Head to the best pre-wedding gym

“Everyone knows you have to hit the gym in the lead up to your wedding. Even if you’re skinny to begin with, it’s nice to firm up a bit so you can look amazing in your dress without Photoshop! I work in the city so was hunting around for a gym I could go to after work. And I hit the friggin jackpot! Premier Health & Fitness Centre used to be James Packer’s private gym, and you can imagine what it would be like. The pool is so stunning, the machines are new, plus there’s plenty of classes. The best bit is that it’s actually really affordable, plus not even busy. Score!” – Mandy


Have Sydney Harbour play a starring role in your wedding

“There’s just something about Sydney Harbour that I love, love, love. Over summer I’m always bugging my friends with boats (or friends who have parents with boats lol) to see if we can get out on the water. Jumping on at Darling Harbour, taking a ride to Manly to have a sundowner at Hugos… or even just hanging out on board getting a tan. I love everything about it. So anyway, I figured for the wedding we’d do a cruise too! We organised to do the ceremony in Watson’s Bay, then had a boat pick everyone up at the pier, mingle on board with some afternoon cocktails, then head to the reception in Manly! It definitely wasn’t cheap, but it was so worth it. Plus, the pics in my Maggie Sottero Imani flared dress at the front of the boat looked ah-ma-zing. Oh and Brad looked okay too haha!” –  Elise


The sneaky elope

“Ant and I didn’t want to have a big wedding. We’d always said that it was a waste of money and we wanted to do a world trip instead. We’d been engaged so long people never thought we’d actually get married anyway. Being born a month apart, about a year out from our 30ths we decided – you know what? Why not both? We planned a year off, starting in Bali. We told friends and family that we were doing a big 30th party there then taking off for this big trip, and we wanted them to be with us to celebrate in Bali before we left. And… of course, set up a lovely little wedding over there while we were at it – sneaky sneaky! On the day of our “combined birthday” we got married in a gorgeous ceremony in Uluwatu. While not everyone was there of course, we loved that there was zero pressure and we could just do what we wanted, and got to experience this magic with the people that came across. 10/10 would recommend if your family/friends wouldn’t get too annoyed if they missed out!!” – Kiara

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