Spring clean your home office with these tips

Spring clean your home office with these tips

October 16, 2018 0 By Saidul Hoque

Now that winter is fading away and the weather warming up, it is the perfect time to get your home office in shape for spring. While organising your paperwork, cleaning off your desk and emptying out that junk drawer can seem like an overwhelming task, we reassure you that with an organised office to work in you will definitely get more done. To house your items in a clean and tidy fashion, it is best to use a combination of cabinets, files and storage boxes you should get before you start your spring-cleaning. We have put together some helpful tips and with these in mind, you will have a fresh and clean office in no time.

Start by dividing your office into clean up areas

Supposing that your entire office is a mess, dividing the room into zones might be a good start as working in small sections will not only provide you with the experience of partial success but also prevent you from feeling overwhelmed. The best way to tackle office mess is to break it down into areas such as the desk itself, folder contents, bookshelves and so on. For instance, start with temporary items like reading material, which should not be mixed with your important documents. Your favourite magazines are supposed to be grouped together in a box or basket and not stacked up high on your desk.

File your papers

Paperwork often seems to have the habit of multiplying overnight in order to overtake your workspace. This is why it is so important to organise letters and documents instantly the minute you open the envelope. If you have not separated your papers into subject and importance yet, do it now. Boxes and paper trays stored on a bookshelf or cabinet are great for organising files and notepads to get a clear space on your desk. For small notes and other memos consider installing a notice board on the wall.

De-clutter your desk

Make sure your desk merely holds the office supplies you really need. Only the most important paperwork should be on you tabletop apart from top essential items such as monitor and keyboard, a lamp, phone, notepad, calculator and a couple of pens. Keep all those relevant items you need immediately in arms reach and store the others away in a drawer. This drawer should only hold relevant supplies such as a stapler, paper clips, batteries or post-it notes. After setting up zones for your daily functions like workspace for your computer, a filing area for your archives and storage space for office supplies, you will have set up the foundation for a more efficient use of your desk.

Organise your digital desktop

As digital clutter can be as frustrating to deal with a physical mess, take your time to clean your monitor desktop and email inbox too. Cleaning out your email inbox by deleting, reading and replying can take a big weight off your shoulders too. Furthermore, should your monitor only hold the most-used icons on your screen, hence filing away documents into folders and remove unused icons will make space on your digital desktop as well.

Deep clean your office

Once you have done all the organisation and have a nice, visible workspace, it’s time to actually clean your office by dusting, wiping and disinfecting all surfaces and do some carpet cleaning. A clean office will instantly make you feel better but if you don’t want to get your hands dirty or cleaning really isn’t your thing, maybe it’s best for you to hire a professional cleaning service. These experts have the right equipment to not only clean but also maintain and improve the appearance of your floor as well.

Keep up with the tidiness

Once you have spring-cleaned your home office, you should get into the habit of instantly storing and filing items away where they belong to keep the mess down and your office neat. Invest a few minutes every week to re-organize everything to keep your office tidy and spotless instead of letting the clutter take over again.

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