Spill Station – Spill Kits

Spill Station – Spill Kits

August 26, 2020 0 By Saidul Hoque

Every workplace dealing with hazardous liquids and chemicals require a safe environment. To secure the safety of workers and the workplace, a reliable protection system from manufacturers such as Spill Station is required. They should offer solutions that can

  • Cover all the services and equipment required to make the workplace safe
  • Audit and identify the environment and safety compliance issues at the workplace and recommend practical solutions to rectify the same
  • Provide high-quality service that fits the budget
  • Train the staff members for spill response training and scheduled maintenance

Spill Kits

Having the correct spill kit can contain harmful leakage or spills in the workplace. The best way to ensure the safety of the work environment is to purchase kits that follow the AusSpill product quality and guidelines. This includes following the code to maintain the appearance, labelling, packaging and performance parameters of the kit. Another aspect to keep in mind while selecting spill kits is to check whether the sorbent components are tested by independent authorities too. 

Depending upon the nature of the materials used in the workplace, the size and the type of spill kit will be different. This includes industrial environments such as agri-business, bulk liquid transfer, factories, warehouses, refuelling depots, loading docks, Class 3 and 6 storages and more.  The most common types of kits that suit such industrial environments are General Purpose, Hazchem, Lab & Medical and Marine Spill Kits.

What’s included?

Depending upon the need of the environment, Spill kits are available to contain various types of oil and chemicals. Every spill kit should come with:

  • Absorbent Pads for covering spills and leakages
  • Absorbent Boom to block larges spills and leaks from spreading
  • Absorbent Sweep with varying capacities
  • Protective gloves to safeguard safety workers
  • Contaminated waste bags and ties
  • Lime Green bins with lids various quantities from 20L to 240L
  • Spill kit covers
  • Laminated instruction sheet

Spill Kit Maintenance

One of the important things for industries that host spill kits is to have scheduled maintenance. This will not only ensure the safety of workers but also help meet the obligations under clause 37 and 362 of the WHS regulations. It will also help in ensuring that your equipment is ready to respond to any hazardous spills. The audit and maintenance cover an 18 point Spill Kit Maintenance program to control the equipment.

Getting a maintenance service helps in ensuring:

  • Maintaining a safe workplace environment 
  • Keep a record of the spill kit items 
  • Availability of service technicians in case of emergency and reduce exposure to prosecution
  • Immediate replacement of used spill kit components 
  • Training tools for newer staff to effectively respond to hazardous spills
  • Achieve loss minimisation and EHS management strategies for your site

These products are best purchased for industries and companies dealing with oils and chemicals. For short-term projects, civil and construction applications, a great alternative to purchasing is to rent the equipment from companies such as Spill Station. The benefit extends more than saving the cost of purchase. It also ensures you have audited and well-maintained equipment that ensures the safety of your work environment.

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