Smart Pool Options to Consider

Smart Pool Options to Consider

May 15, 2018 0 By tabbas

Technology is moving in an interesting direction. In the past, we were keen to bring the outdoors inside. Whether it was indoor plumbing or simulations of cycling, rowing, or dancing, we seemed keen to enjoy outdoor benefits without leaving the house, or even the seat. No we seem to be doing the opposite. I guess we all miss the sun, but we’re so attached to our gadgets that we want to bring them everywhere, including the pool.

This push started with waterproof speakers and bluetooth devices that allowed us to play music or use the internet while we’re lounging by the pool. We’ve even developed mobile phones that can function underwater, in case you want to tweet while you swim. Of course there are other things you can do with internet-enabled swimming pools…


Remote controlled pool care

Every day, you need to check whether your pool filter and pump are working. You should review the amounts of chlorine, calcium, and cyanuric acid in your pool two or three times a week, as well as the overall alkalinity and dissolved solids. Ensuring the pH stays at 7.4 to 7.6. These are things that could be done manually, but there are apps that can help.

One example is Connect My Pool, a mobile app designed by Australian pool experts. If you have stable Wi-Fi in your house, adjust your router to reach the pool, or get one with a wider range. By connecting your pool to the app, you can check filtration, air conditioning, pool lights, sprinklers, water levels, water chemicals, and the general status of the pool.

The app works with a Connect Box installed in the pool. App access is also offered to your pool builder – they’ll install both the pool and the Connect Box. It lets them monitor the pool for technical issues that they can then come and repair. This helps because as a lay pool owner you might not spot these technical problems on your own.



Automated pool switches

Pool lights are pretty, and a pool heater can liven up your swimming experience. Both these features make a night swim far more pleasant, but they can get expensive. Leaving the heater run too long drives your power bill to madness, and running pool lights overnight can attract all sort of insects. In certain parts of America, people have woken up to find alligators in their pools, and even here in Australia, you might wake up to find reptiles, snakes in your pool – though you hopefully won’t bump into a crocodile … *shudder*.

Either way, you can avoid all this drama by automating the on-off functions on your lights, heater, and even on the pool pump and pool cover, linking the controls to your phone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. That way, you can manage everything using your smartphone, even when you’re not at home. Just don’t use it to prank your house-mates, that could get risky. Plus, you can install a robotic pool cleaner that you can operate using your phone. Easy peasy!


Rainbow swimming pools

Gone are the days when your swimming pool could only be sky blue. Now there are multiple options for installing a multi-coloured pool. Fibreglass pools are available in a variety of shells that will change the shade of your pool colours. There are matte options, glowing blues, and glossy greens. You could also use coloured pool tiles to change the pool hue.

Plan B is to use temporary pool tints, available at many pool stores. Just be sure to test it in a bowl first, to be sure it won’t stain the pool surfaces or the bodies of the swimmers. Pour a little in a white glass dish and put a finger or toe inside for a few minutes. You could leave the coloured water in the dish overnight, just to be sure. Use something you don’t mind staining, because the colour might never come off.

A more tech-based angle is to install LED pool lights in the colour of your choice. Some of these lights are submersible while others are waterproof. You can control the lights using a smartphone app, changing their colours or programming a sequenced light show. These lights are energy-efficient and can be professionally installed or DIY style.

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