Sexy bride ideas

Sexy bride ideas

January 7, 2019 0 By sanzida

The words that come to mind when someone says ‘bride’ are things like beautiful, angelic, pure, virginal. It’s why so many wedding dresses are white. The original white had nothing to with purity, but over time, we co-opted its meaning to match cultural expectations. These days, even third or fourth-time brides prefer white. That said, some brides are a bit more daring. On their big day, they don’t want to look delicate or coy. They want to be sexy.

The thing with ‘sexy’ is it’s relative. Some people define it as sensual confidence, others think it’s all about showing skin or exposing curves with figure-hugging garments. However, many weddings will involve mothers, grandmothers, and uptight aunts, so for the sake of harmony and preventing heart attacks, the bright bride will find more subtle ways of getting her sexy on. Here at On Read Australia, we have some tips and tricks to help.

The illusive plunge

It takes a lot of confidence to pull off a deep neckline (or a deeper back), especially with potentially disapproving in-laws. Bridal gowns in Sydney offer many acceptable alternatives. The Tuscany Lynette is a good example. The neckline dips all the way to the waist, flattering the bride’s cleavage. Illusion lace partially covers the plunge, offering a dose of modesty. This ivory dress with a mermaid silhouette comes has an underlay of nude or blush, adding a touch of daring to the bride’s ensemble.

Alternatively, pick the less subtle Pronovias Ederne. It has a deep V at the front and a bare keyhole at the back, so this is a bride that’s fine displaying skin. However, because the dress has multiple layers of loose lace, it’s not as provocative as it could be, and it dances the line between daring and demure. Pronovias Eco uses the same effect, with a deep, bare back and loose lacy folds hanging over the jewelled belt at the front.

Slit and train

Another tough trick to try is the high slit. It can easily be written off as ‘scandalous’ but it really depends on how your wear it. On red carpets, slits are often cut into silky fabrics whose drape and gloss multiply the sexiness factor. In the same way, while internal lace has clear connotations, external lace is often interpreted as innocent and girly.  Pair your deep slit with lots of lace to balance it out.

The Aire Barcelona Balsamo does this perfectly. A mid-thigh slit, mid-cleavage neckline, and sheath silhouette are somehow softened with heavily embroidered lace that your mother-in-law will have a hard time objecting to. Top it off with a lace shawl bridal veil to complete your naif look. The train helps too. Your bridal shawl can counter your deep backline during the service, then you can ditch it later and let all your sexy out.

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