Refresh Your Banner Collection This Winter

Refresh Your Banner Collection This Winter

July 23, 2018 0 By Saidul Hoque

Having the right banner can help market you and your business to more people. The trick to proper usage of banners is consistently changing to move with the times, and work with new releases in the industry you specialise in. This winter, there may be different reasons why you may need to update your banner collection, but the fact remains that a banner refresh is necessary. You could be doing it for the simple reason that you have winter sales in products or services, or just to update the customer that you have new stock coming in.

You may also need to refresh you banner collection to incorporate a change in brand colours, or maybe to add new elements to the design to make them more eye-catching. Sometimes, the problem could be with the banner carrier or the stand that needs to be replaced, either due to damage or simply old age. Maybe all you need is to see the brand name in larger, flashier, and more colourful presentation? Whatever your reason, here are some of the options to consider when refreshing your banner collection this winter:


Get yourself a media wall

If you had a media wall before, it doesn’t hurt to get another one. If you did not, then consider this as your wake-up call to get one of the most versatile and commanding banners available. It can be used for press conferences, presentations, and even taken to exhibitions. This is definitely the way to go if you are looking to give your business a professional edge without taking the fun out of design and colour.

A proper sized media wall should fit into a 3 metre stand printed in high definition full colour. The copy should be catchy and the graphics well done in order to capture and maintain the maximum amount of attention. The print area should be massive and the graphics should be made in a crease resistant material. They should also be interchangeable to allow for flexibility. This is the perfect banner for businesses that will have a lot of advertising to be done during the winter, since you can put your message across in a clear fashion that is easily readable from quite a distance away.


How does your banner stand look

Your banner could be useable, but something could have happened to the stand itself. It could be as a result of wear and tear from all the trips, or maybe someone just stored it the wrong way and bent something. Whatever the case, it is possible to replace a banner stand, with options including such favourites as the CS800. This is a heavy duty portable banner stand that comes with a 12 month warranty. The banner stands are available in different sizes and bring with them portability and ease of storage. These stands are suited to exhibitions and trade shows.


Do you know about the swap?

Someone at work mentioned a swap banner the other day and it became apparent that not many people are privy to this piece of advertising brilliance. The swap has banner cartridge that has two bases and is retractable. It is best suited for maximising your visibility during indoor events such as trade shows and other meets. Since they require capturing you target market quickly and communicate everything easily, Swap banners are designed to bring your brand logo to life immediately. They carry brilliant designs in perfect colours.


Get some easy to carry options

Sometimes you just need to have banners that can fit into the boot of your car without takin up too much space. This is where easy to carry options such as a feather banner, a teardrop banner, and a zephyr banner come into the picture. They are designed to be compact, yet remain eye-catching and communicate the brand message excellently. These are best suited for outdoor events and are loved for their ability to be folded into an easy to carry banner case.


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