Preparing Your Household For Sydney’s Coldest Winter

Preparing Your Household For Sydney’s Coldest Winter

July 19, 2018 0 By tabbas

Cold winter months can sometimes be brutal to both you and your house. As temperatures drop and the rain beats down on your home, this is not the best time to undertake any sort of cleaning or clearing exercise. This is why most people prefer undertaking any sort of cleaning and sprucing up right before the Sydney winter hits.

Preparing for winter can at times be a bit hectic, considering for most of the year previously, some of the tasks required tend to remain undone. This is mainly due to the busy schedules most of us are encumbered by, or just the joy of taking in the beauty of summer. To help with your preparation for Sydney’s colder months, here is a list of tasks you need to complete to ensure a smooth transition:


Clean your carpets

One of the things you have to make sure you do before winter sets in is thoroughly clean your house. This of course means steaming your couches, dusting corners, and of course taking care of all the carpeting. The reason you need to clean out your carpets before winter gets here, is that a lot of dust and other allergens accumulate through-out summer. This is because most of the plants that release pollen into the atmosphere are active at this time. It also the time when dust mites thrive, which need to be taken care of before winter gets here and that is no longer an option.

It is therefore important that you take care of any stains, all the dust and grime that the carpet has accumulated. Taking care of the dust mites to ensure your home remains clean throughout is also necessary. It requires a deep carpet cleaning however, and might necessitate that you procure the services of a professional carpet cleaning service. It is however unavoidable for homes that have small children and people that are affected by allergens or have breathing related illnesses like asthma.


Check on your heating

Another thing you need to look at before winter get here is the heating system. This is the time to carry out routine maintenance on whatever heating system you have installed. Depending on the type pf heater, your maintenance may differ, since gas furnaces need a different maintenance schedule when compared to wood burning stoves for instance. The bottom line however is to make sure both are suitably clean and functioning at optimum before winter curls its cold fingers over your entire home.

This also means that you have to make sure all the smoke detectors are in working order. You should also get rid of all the unnecessary items that could be combustible, including old newspapers and magazines. Be prepared to have to call someone if your heating system starts acting up, however annoying this may be. It is better to pay for your heating to be safe, than to have it die on you when you need it the most. If you are the type that uses electric heating, this is the time to install a programmable thermostat and stock up on generator fuel in case of a black out.


Plug away any leaks

The main aim of plugging leaks is to make sure you don’t overwork your heating system. It serves two purposes; one is to maintain the heat in your home when you need it most, and the other is to keep heating costs at a minimum. This is because your heating system will not have to use up more fuel in order to compensate for the loss in heat.

To have your house insulated, use caulk on the windows to take care of any gaps however small. You can also use inexpensive plastic window insulation film as an alternative to caulk. You should also place draft blockers in places where warmth can leak out, such as windows and doors.


Check your roof

Your roof, the one thing you are likely to overlook wen prepping for winter, is likely to take the most damage. The high winds and the heavy rain, coupled with the temperature shift causes extra strain on the structures. It also adds an extra layer of leaves or debris, which is added weight on the trusses.

To reduce chances of a damaged roof, or in rare cases a total collapse, you should schedule an inspection the month before winter starts. A professional will let you know of any missing shingles, rot in the wood or general weakness that needs to be addressed before winter comes.


Clean the gutters and the pipes

If you have never experienced the problems a blocked gutter can cause, pray that you never do. Anyone who has had to deal with that particular problem will tell you outright that taking care of your gutters is really in your best interest. To clean the gutter, remove any leaves and debris that might be stuck up there to allow rain water to flow freely. You should also repair any broken joints and sagging troughs.

When it comes to pipes, make sure you have properly store your hose in the garden shed to make sure they survive the cold. You should also close off any water supply to the outdoor faucets to protect them from the temperature change.

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