Popular Fencing Options for Decks

Popular Fencing Options for Decks

July 31, 2018 0 By Saidul Hoque

If you own a house with a deck, then you have definitely thought long and hard about the deck fencing and what you can do to improve it. Most decks come with the same old layout and by design, the very same fencing patterns. Some of these may not work for you due to different reasons; it may be because the fencing patterns and materials do not suit your house design, or just because you hate the way it looks when the sun hits it at a particular angle. Whatever your reason, it would be apt to look for a more worthwhile design for your deck.

To bring a unique twist to your deck fencing that will be the envy of all your neighbours, you need to taka look at some of the options possible. There are different patterns and designs that only work with certain decks to create the aesthetic look you are looking for. To help you narrow things down, here is a list of ideas that could work for you, or at least point you in the right direction.


Wood Deck fencing

This is the most used material for making deck fences. This is because, as has been proven numerous times, wood is a highly versatile material in terms of design, application, and of course cost. For instance, using different finishes with completely different species of wood will help you come up with a totally new design. When working with wood, you need to know what you are looking for and whether it will work, in the long run.

The most commonly used woods for deck fencing are cedar, mahogany, and pressure treated lumber. Pressure treated lumber is specifically treated to ensure it lasts even through constant exposure that comes with being outside all the time. It is also very easy to get and can e found at your local lumber yard. The versatility of pressure treated lumber in terms of painting and staining is what makes it a worthwhile purchase. Mahogany on the other hand is loved for its durability and its naturally rich colour. Both of these characteristics make it preferable for outdoor deck fencing despite its proce point.

Wood based deck fencing gives you a wide variety of design options including;

  1. Traditional decking: This refers to the most recognisable deck fencing design in the world; the traditional straight pole design. It is one of the most common fencing designs anywhere in the world. It may look unappealing as a design at the start, but the amount changes you can make in terms of detailing, staining, and customisation is totally worth it.
  1. Sunburst designs: This starts life as a basic interlocking pattern that undergoes metamorphosis into a more beautiful wooden butterfly. The strength is in the design and the fact that you can use as many spindles as you see fit to execute your vision. The best way to install this type of deck fencing is to build panels that have diagonal spindles separately, then put up the completed piece at once. This will ensure the angles are equal.
  1. Lattice panelling: This type of panelling is used by most people that love having a fencing that looks more like a whole wall. They come in a variety of materials including metal, but the original lattice design was made of wood.


Working with metal

Metal deck fences are common in most of the more modern and contemporary house designs today. Working with metal can however be tricky, since you are dealing with a part of the house that will be outside for all its life. This is why the most preferred metal types are steel, wrought iron, and aluminium. Steel is used because it is the most common building material in Australia. It has all the durability aspects that you would expect with metal, but with the added drawback of rusting when exposed to weather. This also happens when dealing with wrought iron. Aluminium is a much better fit for outdoor work, especially thanks to its low maintenance and resistance to rust.

These are the common metal based deck fencing options available:

  1. Arched Balustrades: The design for this is relatively simple, but at the same time it adds a certain je ne sais quoi to your deck, when compared to ordinary wooden spindles. They are the hallmark of a modern home that has taken contemporary to heart. They give your home a custom look while remaining easy to install.
  1. Cable railing: This is the newer trendier option in the field of metal deck balustrades, especially for minimalist designs. These are actually something you and your mates can turn into a DIY project for the weekend, just before you watch your game of rugby.


Fencing with glass

When working with glass, the preferred medium is tempered glass. This is usually the type of deck fencing that most people with an adventurous spirit choose, especially if they have rubbed shoulders with the medieval fascination with stained glass. This type of fencing offers the beauty of cable railing, with the added advantage of giving you an uninterrupted view from your deck. However, even with the added advantages, we cannot discount the weaknesses that come with glass installations. This means that this particular type of deck fencing is susceptible to breakages.

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