Popular Above Ground Pool Shapes

Popular Above Ground Pool Shapes

May 14, 2018 1 By tabbas

So you’ve decided to shell out and buy an above ground pool. After incessant nagging from the wife and kids, it’s time to take the plunge and keep cool this summer to the delight of your family. The thought of having a pool can be more joyous than the decision-making process that is behind the task of purchasing your first pool. After all, a pool is quite a large investment and one not be taken lightly. But not everyone is a pool expert and making that leap can seem quite daunting.

Luckily in this day and age, there are a lot of options (not necessarily a good thing especially if you’re like me and dislike making decisions) and there will be surely one to that will be perfect for you. When buying a pool there are many considerations to made to ensure you get one that is suitable for your backyard. There are many options, shapes, and sizes available, as above ground pools have come a long way since the days of the ugly round things in backyards across Australia. Above ground pools have come leaps and bounds in terms of designs aesthetics, with a variety of styles and decking options that can make a stylish addition to any home.  This article will provide you an insight into the range of options that are available and hopefully set you on the right track in making that decision to buy your first above ground pool.


Round pool

Firstly, you have the conventional round pool. This used to be the only option and has been a popular model for above ground pool owners for decades, although they have been improved in many ways such as construction and the quality of materials used since. Alone they can look a bit drab. A great way to spruce up your round pool is to build decking around it to create a pleasant space for the family to catch some sun and cool down this summer.


Rectangular pool

The classic rectangle is a good option for a medium to a larger backyard and is usually a bit bigger giving you the option to cut some laps or play Marco Polo with the kids. Rectangular pools look great with built up decking and paired with the right landscape will turn your backyard into an oasis. Opt for one with a timber exterior as it is more pleasing to the eyes.


The love heart

Nowadays above ground pools even come in a love heart shape. It’s a little Austin Powers and ideal for relaxing afternoons with your significant other enjoying a drink or three. Depending on your space requirements the love heart shape pool will spice up your backyard and ward off the heat and be a place to kick back and relax.


Pentagon pools

Pentagon or hexagonal pools are popular these days and are a great alternative to the conventional round pool. They look great with decking and give you a little more space to play with. Maybe set up some umbrellas, put in some sunbeds and a palm tree or two to create the perfect place to cool down from the summer sun.


The jelly bean or kidney pool

The Jellybean shape has been a staple in the backyard pool scene for a very long time.  It’s cute, classic and functional. Paired with a nice deck and beautiful flora, the jelly bean pool will be a welcome addition to any backyard. Due to the shape, the jelly bean pool is more suited to those with more room.


Above ground pools with looking glass

A new addition to the above ground pool is the looking glass style. These pools feature a clear section on the side so you can see in them while from the outside or if you’re swimming you can see out. They are a little more expensive but create a visually stunning aesthetic and will make your backyard look like a water wonderland. Install some lights to enjoy your very own human aquarium in your backyard. They come in all shapes and sizes and would be a great touch to add to your backyard. The above ground pool is a functional, fresh take on the conventional backyard pool and can often look better than an in-ground pool.


So, with all these options at your disposable, you should be well on your way to purchasing your first above ground pool. Always take into consideration space, location and functionality of your pool. Build some decking and adorn it with lights, plants, and pool furniture to create a beautiful space to beat the heat and have fun family times in the comfort of your backyard. An above ground pool is cost effective option to keep your family cool this summer and luckily gone are the days of old, when an above ground pool was generally an eyesore. With today’s options, you should find one that works for you and compliments your home.

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