Our Top Pizza Picks for The Chilli Fiend

Our Top Pizza Picks for The Chilli Fiend

May 1, 2018 0 By Saidul Hoque

Last year, the #OneChipChallenge went viral, with people all over the world, from celebrities to sports stars and even stoic news anchors making videos of eating ‘the hottest tortilla chip in the world.’ This single-serving pepper-flavoured tortilla is allegedly so spicy that you have to open it using gloves, otherwise your fingers will feel the heat.

The videos were entertaining and probably led to a lot of milk sales (pro tip: when you’re overwhelmed with chilli and need something to wash it down, forget water or soda.Milk or unsweetened yoghurt are your best options.) Still, there are people in the world who don’t view consuming live chillies as a form of torture. They actually enjoy it!

For this daring breed, there’s a wide range of tongue-flaming pizza to be had, and they can even follow up with a thick chilli sauce or peppered toppings. Naturally, we advise ordering a shake with that, just in case, but either way, here are some of our favourite chilli pizzas.


Chilli pizza star

Here’s a quick one you can put together at home. It’s completely low fuss and you can bake it in minutes using leftover beef chilli and store-bought pizza base. You can make incisions in the pizza base and apply a generous coating of egg wash (whisked egg whites). The egg wash will help the pizza folds to stick in place as you create the star shape.

For your pizza topping, use the beef chilli, some grated jalapenos, and red Leicester cheese.  These flavourings work together to give your pizza a real kick, and you can sprinkle oregano on top for a finishing touch. The pizza will need about 20 minutes to fully bake. In case the heat is overwhelming, you can serve it with a sour cream dip to smoothen out the edge.


Tandoori chicken pizza

If you like spice that isn’t exactly chilli but still has a flavourful kick, then tandoori is a good choice. This pizza is topped with tandoori chicken breast, which is itself cooked in a marinade of yoghurt, cumin, cayenne pepper, garam masala, ginger, garlic, and an assortment of powerful spices. The yoghurt tones down the chilli while at the same time fusing it all and bringing it together. While the cooked chicken already has these inbuilt flavours, they are enhanced with additional whole toppings of capsicum, Spanish onions, cherry tomatoes, and Greek yoghurt.


Pepperoni pizza chilli

How about spicing it up a little by having your pizza in a bowl? It’s great for game day, movie night, or a hot date (assuming your significant other has a tongue as seasoned as yours) or even as a shock to your system that will cure that hangover. Combine minced beef, ground hot Italian sausage, garlic, onions, green pepper, salsa, hot chilli beans, pizza sauce, pepperoni slices, shredded mozzarella, powdered pepper, and a little water. Stir to mix and simmer for 20 minutes or so. Serve in big bowl and keep the milk nearby.


Jambalaya pizza

Chilli has a very distinct taste and it’s nothing but hot. But sometimes, you want to confuse your senses – in a pleasant way – bymixing seemingly unrelated tastes and textures into a single bite. That’s exactly what the Jambalaya pizza does. First, the meats. You have fermented chorizo pork sausage, chicken breast cooked in steaming hot Cajun spices, and tiger prawns – so that’s a bird, a fish, and a pig. Now add some raw chilli sauce, lemon, herbs, and roast vegetables that include capsicum and Spanish onions. When you’re done with this sensuous explosion, your tongue will need milk, cookies, and a nap.


World’s hottest pizza

Lots of pizza outlets around the world have claimed this title, some saying their slices can make your tongue bleed and your ears pop, which doesn’t sound like fun unless you’re a certified chilli fiend. Ingredients to include are reaper chillies, said to be 900 times hotter than tabasco sauce, and 220 times more than a jalapeno. You could also check for moruga scorpion chillies from Trinidad, which are every bit as terrifying as they sound and have been said to cause heart attacks. Also, anything with vindaloo is good.


Hot & spicy pizza

Sometimes you want something simple. No fuss, just brow-wiping chilli. You’ll have to be careful though, as you bite into your pizza, not to forget and put your hands too close to your eyes. The name of this pizza says it all, and even if you prefer your pizza cold the morning after, everything your tongue ingests is hot hot hot! The pizza contains onion and capsicum garnish on hot salami, spiced beef, and hot chilli sauce. Sprinkle cheese at will.

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