My favourite dining table sets for 2018

My favourite dining table sets for 2018

May 16, 2018 0 By tabbas

The concept of a dining table may seem a little old fashioned in this age where we all subsist on take-out and eat in front of the TV, binge-ing on streamed programming. Still, having an official dining area adds a touch of class to your home, and your dining set can actually be quite contemporary. You could get something in futuristic chromes or sophisticated glass.

The furniture you select will depend on your budget, your personal style, and the number of people that regularly eat in your home. A 2 to 4 seater is fine for singles, but a family with kids (and in-laws) may want something a little larger. The dining area can be a good way to cement family bonding through shared meals, even if it’s beer and pizza.


Fit for a baron

Speaking of shiny chrome, the Baron dining set imported from Italy is ideal for the modern home. It’s a versatile table set with a techy touch, because you can extend it by up to a foot, so when you have a few extra guests, you can stretch it out to seat three or four additional diners. The extender sits on metal tracks and is operated by rotating the leaf mechanism.

The table itself is available in different finishes that include clear glass or ceramic, depending on the kind of mood you prefer. Your choice of dining chairs will help set the ambience as well. Choose a shiny chrome or brightly coloured plastic seats to brighten up your room. The dining set comes in three sizes, and can also be ordered as a raised counter for your breakfast nook in the kitchen. This works well for open plan kitchens.

Dining Table Sets

Keep it cosy

If you’re a fancy single or maybe a young couple, you can start out with a basic two-seater dining table. You can get some beautiful sets for less than $200 that are simple and stylish. Consider a Flossmoor square wooden table with cherry finish, accompanied by two wooden dining chairs that have a cross-hatch back design. You’d have to serve in the kitchen though, because your table won’t have space for serving dishes. Basically, two plates and glasses.

Or you could pick a round table. It makes a prettier visual impression, but the curves mean the table has less room for utensils. You could pick something with an artificial stone finish, like a Genesee, with its matching rounded metallic legs. The chairs have rounded legs too, and a fabric seat which can round or square-shaped.


Bring home the pub

Open style kitchens can work well with pub-style high chairs, but you can also buy yourself a Mercer pub-style table that has some height. The seats would require foot rails to support your toes, since the chairs will keep your feet raised slightly off the ground. It can be a nice way to give your dining room a casual laid back atmosphere.

If you’re quirky enough, you can add some pub décor as well, with booths in the living room or at the sides of the dining area. You can install a home bar, or even a beer tap for your home-made artisanal craft brews. It would certainly encourage house guests, so choose carefully if you prefer to keep your house quiet and private.


Corner seating

For that cosy dinner or breakfast, consider a Delano. It’s marketed a three piece but it offers a lot more seating area, because two of those pieces are a bench and a three-sided wooden corner booth. The tables and the chairs both have lots of space, so it can accommodate a large party of diners, and it gives your eating space a cosy diner feel.

You can use the Delano as it is, with its natural wooden ambience in white or brown, or you can soften it up with colourful throw pillows. It’s also a practical way to turn a corner of your living room or studio apartment into a designated dining room, because the booth can be tucked into the corner or positioned on the outer area to ‘close off’ the eating area. It’s equally effective as a supervised homework space for the kids.


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