Makeup Looks That Are Kind to Dry Skin

Makeup Looks That Are Kind to Dry Skin

July 24, 2018 0 By tabbas

Hand up who has combination skin out there? Dry skin? Skin that used to be oily when you were younger but now it’s dry? You’ve moved to a place that’s seriously messing with your skin? You get like the Sahara at certain times across your cycle?

Yep, as I thought – there’s a fair few of us ladies out there.

See that’s the thing about your skin. It’s always changing. In different environments, in different life stages, and in response to your body itself.

What works for you one day with your makeup might look like a flaky mess if you try it again in a few days’ time. Reading your skin and knowing what to put into your body, as well as what to put onto your body will ensure that you always have the most flawless look possible in all situations.

Today I’m going to take you through some tips to help gain back some moisture in your skin, get a good base to work from, and then products that will work better for dry skin.


Feed your body

The most important way to help your dry skin is… guess what? Drinking water. If your skin is dry it’s often because you are dehydrated. To help get your moisture levels up, try drinking around 3 litres of water a day – plain water. Be aware that other drinks such as coffee, and in particular alcohol, have a big dehydrating effect, so try and minimise your intake.

Eating plenty of healthy fats and fresh fruit and veg will also help feed your skin from within to give you a more healthy complexion.


The right cleansers, moisturisers, and base

Take a look at your beauty routine. What is involved in it? Are you using a harsh, soapy cleanser that you picked up from the supermarket to wash your face? If you are, then it’s time to switch to a different product. Oil cleansers are a good start, then you can finish with a dermatologist recommended brand cleanser to finish off. It’s worth the extra spend to protect your skin.

The same goes with moisturisers. Although you’ve been using the same supermarket-brand moisturiser for years and it works great on your hands, it’s probably not doing your face any favours. Go for another dermatologist-recommended brand moisturiser set for dry skin. This will contain a day moisturiser and a night moisturiser, and often a lip moisturiser, too. These will be the perfect set to get your skin up to scratch again if used religiously.

Many people skip primers in their beauty routines, for wear underneath their makeup. However, if you have dry skin you should absolutely by adding a primer as part of your face preparations before makeup. The primer helps keep you skin more moist across the day by creating a barrier between your skin and any drying makeups. It also helps your makeup wear longer, so that’s an added bonus.



The right choices in your makeup will ensure that you don’t look like a flaky mess when you head out the door. As before, going with premium quality products from the makeup counter rather than just the pharmacy or the supermarket often makes all the difference. While there are definitely premium brand makeup formulas that are still rubbish, there is less chance of it as compared to pharmacy/supermarket brands.

As a dry-skinned gal, you’ll have to pay particular attention to your foundation. While mineral makeup powder is lovely and light on your skin, it won’t be the best choice for you. Nor will thick, stick makeup. What you should be looking for is a premium liquid foundation. If the liquid is still a little on the thick side, you can mix in some of your moisturiser to make it a more manageable consistency.

Other makeup products will be similar. Look for liquid or mousse products over powders and hard pencils, etc. While you can “bake on” the liquids with a powder finish, you need to start with something that isn’t as harsh on the skin first.

By following all these you should be able to tame your skin a little and alleviate the dryness. By using the correct makeup products and techniques you will ensure that your makeup doesn’t look dry, even if your skin underneath might be.

If you follow this routine for a few weeks and don’t notice any difference in your skin, then it might be time to head to a dermatologist to see if you have any underlying issues that may be causing your dry skin. Dry skin can be caused by particular health issues or certain medications and you might need to look into these to plot your course of action.

You can combat dry skin and look fresh faced and gorgeous – all with just a little bit of effort.

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