Make Sure Your New Roof Has The Proper Warranties

Make Sure Your New Roof Has The Proper Warranties

June 12, 2018 0 By Saidul Hoque

Some consumers pay a lot of attention to product warranties. They read every fine print and regularly visit their product headquarters, getting the full value they were promised. These are the smart ones. The rest of us barely glance at our warranty documents, so we miss out on hundreds of dollars’ worth of savings.

Maybe we’re sceptical, because we’ve dealt with so many unscrupulous salespeople. However, guarantees and warrantees are designed specifically to protect customers. They aren’t just a stamp on a piece of paper. They’re developed to build customer trust and assure brand quality, so you should always peruse and pursue yours when you need it.

This is especially important in your home or office. You don’t want your walls collapsing or your roof caving in at the slightest sign of bad weather, especially with the rainy season coming.  Other seasons require good roofing too, like bush fire season. Roof maintenance matters, but you still want a roof that will last a few decades before it needs replacement.


Labour Guarantees

A large part of this depends on how your roof was installed to begin with. As a lay resident, it’s unlikely you’ll notice any troubles with your roof – not until it starts leaking. After all, the ceiling separates you from it, and you mostly look at it from floor level, even when you’re outside the building. This means you need reassurance that your roofer knows their stuff.

When your build begins, check your roofer’s licensing. They should have roof plumbing accreditation, which goes beyond standard construction know-how. Roof plumbers can build the roof itself, but they’re also skilled in piping, gutters, downpipes flashings, solar panels, ceiling water heaters, insulation, and more. Look for roofers with a 10-year guarantee.

Be sure that your roofer’s guarantee is for labour, not products. Carefully read the terms as well. They should cover routine periodic inspections and certain aspects of repair. For example, if your roof leaks within a week or a month of installation, you shouldn’t be expected to pay more. Also, confirm the workmanship guarantee is separate and distinct from the product guarantee, since many roofing materials have a warranty of their own.



Roof Maintenance



Zincalume is one such roofing product. Developed by BlueScope Steel, it contains high grade corrugated steel sheets galvanised with an alloy of magnesium, aluminium, and zinc. The magnesium activates the aluminium for better results. The alloy is baked onto the steel sheeting, extending its lifespan and enhancing its adhesive ability.

BlueScope issues a 20 to 36 year warranty, backed by its quality product as well as thorough evaluation in five testing facilities. Overall, BlueScope tests 5,000 Zincalume panels to ensure its performance in various weather-related, industry-inspired, and geographical conditions, from bush fires and marine locations to smog and acid rain.




Roof Plumbing




One of the most popular options, it has a 25 year warranty and comes in 22 colours. 21 of these Colorbond shades are treated with Thermatech which reflects ultraviolet rays, lowering your utility requirements. It’s rated BAL-FZ for bush fires (flame zone), and its Activate technology resists corrosion. Colorbond has five layers, and the top two layers are baked on.

Colorbond’s coloured layer doesn’t chip, blister, or flake, and it’s a fully recyclable product. To ensure it lives up to its warranty, 12,000 Colorbond panels are mounted all over Australia for testing purposes in varying conditions. Rain keeps Colorbond roofs sufficiently clean, but you can hose unexposed sections to remove surface dirt. You don’t need soap.



The concept of galvanised roofing isn’t restricted to BlueScope. Steelscape offers a similar zinc-aluminium sheet product named Galvalume. Its formulation is slightly different. Aluminium is a lightweight metal, so while its volume on Galvalume sheets is 80%, its actual weight only makes up 55% of the steel sheet’s coating. The other 45% comes from 1.6% silicon and 4.3% zinc. It’s two to four times less corrosive than other galvanised products.

This extra performance comes from the addition of silicon, as well as the ratios involved in Galvalume’s formula. EPA Energy Star recommends Galvalume, and it has an oddly specific warranty of 25 years and 6 months, so double-check your date of purchase just to be sure. Its contraindications include animal housing, soil, concrete, cement, graphite, copper, lead, and wood, so confer with your roof plumber before you use it in your home, office, or farm.


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