Lounge Room Decor to Keep an Eye Out in 2019

Lounge Room Decor to Keep an Eye Out in 2019

April 9, 2019 1 By Saidul Hoque

This year brings a lot of exciting variety among lounge furniture so get ready to upgrade your style in 2019. It’s all about being resourceful, comfortable, classy, and multifunctional in the twenty nineteen.

The past decade has shaped up people’s taste in furniture and it isn’t all black and white. People don’t prefer to go all huge vs. sleek in their leather lounge selection. It’s a mixture of style with usefulness, comfort, and elegance.

Nowadays, interior designers are offering advice based on making lives easier. Instead of going through the stress decluttering your apartments every year, it’s better to be mindful about choosing your pieces from the beginning.

Let’s begin with the lounge room décor to keep an eye out in 2019!

Multi-Functional Furniture

Multi-Functional Furniture

Twenty-nineteen is the year of multi-purpose furniture! A leather lounge that has comfortable seats, a storage place, and attached table top to put a lamp or a coffee mug will only take up so much space in your living room while providing multiple services.

If you ask me, I’d rather buy a good-looking piece that offers two or more functionality rather than single-use furniture. Some of the functionalities to look for in lounge décor this year would be:

  • Portability
  • Lightweight
  • Storage space
  • More seating area
  • Sleek and tidy design that doesn’t take up a lot of space

Bold Colors and Patterns

art chair

People have been struggling to place their fingers on the good old monochromes versus playing with the bright pop of colors and geometrical patterns in the past few years. Well this year, they’ve finally decided. Its all about keeping it fresh, trendy, and stylish.

Your leather lounge needs bold colors on decent fabrics, and you can experiment with all sorts of patterns. For people who still like the monochromes can begin adding colorful pillows or adding one statement furniture to their room at a time instead of going all in.

Comfort Equals Trendy

Lives aren’t getting any comfortable. But your furniture can. This year isn’t about uncomfortable edges, bumpy headboards, and stiff cushions. Everything is supposed to be very cozy and comfortable.

The latest trending luxe fabric headboards are an example of people preferring comfort above all. Psst, bring in many, many throw blankets!

Minimalistic Lounge

Grey coloured minimalistic lounge with grey coloured wall

Less is more in 2019. Minimalism in decor is a form of lifestyle where a few sleek furniture pieces are placed creatively so that they don’t seem cluttered, and offer a clean and tidy design.

It is going to be a hit this year especially with the growth of entrepreneurs and work-from-home space designs.  People are looking to assign a single room for their work purpose, and that minimal office look is so in style right now.


Vintage and antique pieces never go out of style. They always add personality to your room. And we won’t be asking you to ditch the apothecary table anytime soon.

It is essential to add a few stylish vintage lounge decors to your house, these pieces are evergreen and can always be used creatively.

That is all for lounge room décor ideas for twenty nineteen. Let us know is the comments below which is your favourite style from this year and why!

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