Let your dress do the talking

Let your dress do the talking

January 7, 2019 0 By sanzida

When you’re walking down the aisle, the atmosphere is generally quiet, except for the music you’re gliding to. But your dress and body language are saying a lot, and your guests are paying rapt attention to every syllable. Your dress is doing all your talking, so you want to be sure it’s communicating the right message.

Let’s explore some of your dress options, depending on the type of bridal gown statement you’re going for.

Go loud

As the bride, you’re already the centre of attention, but if you want to display your bold personality, you could opt for diva dress drowning in drama. Maggie Sottero wedding dresses achieve this beautifully. You could buy a Stephanie, with its sweetheart neckline, body-hugging lace overlay, trumpet skirt, and translucent flowing train. The delicate off-shoulder embroidered lace cap sleeves are optional.

Others include Brinkley, whose dramatic skirt ruffles start just above the knee, with the rest of the dress sheathing your curves in beads and Swarovski crystals. You might also like the Ariya, with ruffles beginning at waist height. It’s a collaboration between Sottero and Midgely and has an oddly stylish ‘w-shaped’ neckline complete with strappy lace shoulders.

Go soft

If you’d like your look a little more demure while still teasing your guests with an alleged show of skin, pick a dress with illusion lace. Its sheer, barely-there visuals keep you covered up while maintaining the appearance of sensuality. Illusion lace can be overlaid on plunging backs, deep necklines, and bare shoulders, as seen in Rebecca Ingram’s Beatrice and Naomi.

Both dresses have off-shoulder cap sleeves, framing a sweetheart neckline, and topped with illusion lace. Naomi has a deep scooped back with illusion lace and decorative button work. Its sheath styled skirt is made from stretch-Talin that follows your curves. Beatrice has a more vintage feel with A-line Verona chiffon laid over a sheath skirt. The back of the dress is patterned lace crowned with a few centimetres of illusion topping.

Go sexy

Sensual bridal dresses don’t have to curl around your curves. Sometimes, a high slit or a deep bust can bring out the sexy. If you’re confident in the twins, you could buy the Eylem from Aire Barcelona. Both its bust and back lines dip down to the waist. If you’d prefer your sexy to rise from the bottom to the top, try the upper-thigh centre slits of Balsamo or Eliot, both by Aire Barcelona. These dresses keep close to your curves and are covered in lace detailing.

Eliot has illusion lace taming the deep neck and backlines, leaving only the daring front slit bare as it runs right down the middle of your dress. Its bell sleeves are delicate lace, in contrast to the strappy shoulders and sleeveless design of Balsamo.

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