Landscaping Ideas That Compliment Tubular Balustrades in Your Alfresco Area

Landscaping Ideas That Compliment Tubular Balustrades in Your Alfresco Area

April 16, 2018 0 By Saidul Hoque

Tubular balustrades can make for a wonderful look for your alfresco area, be it an elevated deck, or simply an area of your yard that you wish to segregate and contain – a particularly popular option if you have young children around. But what sort of landscaping goes well with tubular balustrades? Today we take a look at the best options to ensure that you have continuous flow between your exterior spaces.

With small children in mind

If your tubular balustrades have been placed with small children in mind, then don’t forget to landscape in a play area for them to keep them entertained. Rather than going with a pre-built playground (boring), why not come up with an idea yourself? You can build in musical type elements to a concrete wall, like gongs or xylophones for aural experiences. Tubes can make good vessels if you want to incorporate a little water play element – put in an outdoor sprinkler system from above for some summer fun too. Get creative – kids love things that are different just as much as we do.

A wooden deck

Because tubular balustrades are quite traditional looking, it is only fitting that you use a gorgeous wooden floor to fit in with your fencing. If your alfresco area is undercover, you have a few more options available in terms of wooden decking – it doesn’t need to be quite as hardwearing as if it’s out in the weather all the time. Timber decking comes in a huge variety of types of wood, plank widths, textures, and finishes. Make sure that you use the correct sealant or protectant that will keep your wooden deck looking fresh and new year round.

Hanging pot plants

Greening up your alfresco area is always going to be a winning suggestion for landscaping ideas. Instead of putting large potted plants in the area (or, along with large potted plants), you can add hanging pot plants or planter boxes. Popular at the moment is trailing type plants that hang over the sides in lush, dark green colours. They can definitely make an alfresco area softer and more “outdoorsy” to look at. There is a reason that inner city apartment blocks are now incorporating green, living walls into their design. You break up the man made look of an area by adding plants.

The right heating elements

To enjoy your alfresco area year-round, it’s imperative that you get your heating elements just right. What does this mean exactly? Well, not only do you need a heater that’s warm enough to keep you all toasty throughout winter, it also means outdoor heating that looks good too. If your alfresco area is an undercover deck attached to your house, then this might look like overhead bar heaters. For yard alfresco areas, its stand up heaters that are usually the go, or anything else that runs off a gas bottle – unless you’re wanting to run gas lines down to the back of your yard. Otherwise, there’s fire options too. Be warned that if you go for wood fires you’ll need to keep a close eye on it while it’s burning though.

There are plenty of options when it comes to landscaping that will fit in well with your tubular balustrades. Because the look of tubular balustrades is quite traditional, you’ll want to keep this is mind when designing your alfresco space. Adding elements that are too modern or a bit zany will look out of place, so stick to tried and true. And if all else fails, have a professional landscape architect come in to do the design job for you!

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