Landscaping Ideas That Compliment Glass Balustrades

Landscaping Ideas That Compliment Glass Balustrades

April 16, 2018 0 By Saidul Hoque

Glass fences are lovely décor idea. They’re minimalist and elegant, and they give a clean look, though you’ll probably have to wash them frequently to maintain that appearance. Many home owners worry about the glass, especially if they have young children or four-legged family members. Fortunately, balustrades are constructed from safety glass that’s often shatterproof, so it’s not a cutting hazard.

Other issues of concern are just as easily dispelled. If you don’t like the idea of high visibility, you can use stained glass, two-way mirrors, partially reflective panels, or smoked glass sheets. You could even use automatic tinting than can go from clear to frosted in seconds. The options with glass are quite varied.

The main reason why people enjoy glass balustrades is that they offer a clear view, so they’re especially popular for pool-sides or for balconies that overlook the yard. Ideally, you want something to look at when you point your fence towards a view, so your balustrade needs to come with some top notch landscaping. Here are some suggestions.


Colour me classy

Flower gardens look gorgeous on the other side of the glass, whether it’s a balcony or a pool fence. If you enjoy gardening or if you can hire a good landscaper, you can keep your garden clothed in rainbows all year long. The trick is to blend seasonal plants, so that as they bloom, you have a different species flowering throughout the year.

As a baseline, you can use plants whose flowers grow all year long. These include Asiatic lilies, glossy Anthurias, two-tone Alstromerias, or sweet scented jasmine. Between them, these flowers will coat your yard in pink, orange, yellow, red, coral, and – of course – green. Then, every season, you can go a little more specific.


Tone things up with seasonal flowers

The lilacs, purples, and white of Agapanthus will grace your yard from November to January, preceded by pink Amaryllis lilies from September to November. The sunshiny yellow, orange, and purple hues of the bird of paradise will warm your garden from February to October. If you’d rather go by season, Cattleya Orchids are fall bloomers, and their colour range is hot pink, white, purple, yellow, and sometimes red.

Frangipani and Gloriosa lily are summer flowers, as well as the pink and purple Gloxinia and the red poinsettia. For the spring, enjoy the soft pink of Phalaenopsis orchid, or the multi-coloured ranunculus. Cyclamen transitions well from winter to spring.


Keep it green with topiary

A yard full of bright green grass is lovely to lie on or walk through, but it’s pretty boring to look at. And while trees and shrubs freshen up the air and attract birds, they don’t offer much of a view. You can give your yard some extra pop with topiary. These are beautifully shaped herbs and shrubs that are pruned to perfection.

The Japanese box plant is a favoured choice for local landscapers, and you can design a theme that appeals to your own quirky tastes. They could be shaped into bird species, musical instruments, abstract art, or types of food. You could even shape them into letters to spell out a message that has meaning for you, whether it’s your surname or a cheeky haiku.

Other plants that are commonly used in Australia are box leaf honey suckle, dwarf euonymus, or any type of conifer. Coastal rosemary does well too. Remember that shaping plants isn’t your only task. You’ll also have to water, weed, and spray them with pesticides. Also, if your landscaping is next to a swimming pool, have them on the outside of the balustrade to minimise the number of leaves and twigs that fall into the water.


Accentuate your water … with water

When you look through your gorgeous glass balcony, a water feature is the ideal blend of calm and class. Install a bird bath or a sculptured fountain in the centre of your yard. If you have a pool, the water feature could be part of the swimming area. It could be a flowing footbath at the pool entrance, or an infinity feature with a miniature waterfall.

For an even more captivating effect, use multi-coloured pool lighting to swirl rainbows through the water after dark. They could dance around the water or bubble up from beneath the surface. Your lights can be switched on when you’re relaxing on the deck or hosting guests, but remember to switch them off when you go to bed so they don’t attract rodents and other garden pests into your pool.


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