Inspiring dining sets

Inspiring dining sets

June 12, 2018 0 By tabbas

In a lot of Australian houses, the dining room is one of the most important areas of a family home. The dining table tends to be a multifunctional furniture piece as not only are there meals served for friends and family, the table is the place where homework is done and games are played. A dining room is more than a place to eat, it’s the place to gather around and celebrate large occasions such as birthdays, holidays and dinner parties with friends.


The dinner table is the place for sharing conversations and information and therefore symbolic for maintaining strong connections with the family over regular meals. Furthermore, it is proven, that children who eat with their families are eating healthier and are less likely to run the risk of obesity and eating disorders if meals are taken in along with other family members. Hence gathering at the dinner table is part of family culture.


This is why seeing a family’s dining area will tell you a lot about the home you’ve come into. A dining set will represent not only the social connectivity among the family and guests, it also tells you much more about the interior design of the whole house as dining sets come in various designs, sizes, colours and materials. As it can be the centre of the home, dining sets should be set up in a quiet place of the house to ensure a calm atmosphere that invites productive conversations and makes guest immediately feel comfortable.


Even though oval tables are great for children to learn more about table manners as they can watch all family members and hold eye contact and communication with everyone, nowadays a long table, sometimes even extendable, is preferred to meet the changing numbers of guests. The design of a dining set will also add extra style to the interior of a home, especially when table decorations are used such as candles, tablecloths and vases to make dining even more appealing. Needless to say, that a dining set should represent the homeowner’s personal style.


If the home is already decorated with a modern look, maybe choose a dining table with a glass top, chrome legs paired with vintage leather chairs. If a more traditional look is preferred, how about a large wooden table with matching upholstered chairs. A linear style table matched with the same designed chairs will be better for people who prefer a transitional look.


The size of a dining table should be big enough to accommodate all family members and some friends. Many tables also come with leaf extensions to expand the table size if needed. When purchasing a dining set it is important to choose carefully and keep the room’s interior in mind as you’ve just learnt that a stylish dining room says a lot about you and your family. To make the decision easier for you, we’ve put together three different dining sets for you to find inspiration when shopping for this important piece of furniture.


Omnia + Etoile

The rectangular shaped Omnia drop-leaf dining table comes in various sizes and has an extendable wooden frame. The top is available in either wood or tempered glass, which make it a perfect match with the upholstered Etoile dining chairs with their solid beech wood legs for a sleek contemporary look achieved by well-defined lines. The Etoile dining chairs are available in a wide range of colours for the seats and backrest.


Eminence + Escudo

The dining table Eminence mixes materials with its metal base and tabletop of tempered glass or wood veneer. The modular table comes with a single extension leaf and because of its sleek modern Scandinavian look will adapt to any interior design. The table is great to pair with the cosy upholstered Escudo chairs with their timber legs and backs and can be chosen in various colour combinations to brighten up the room.



This dining set is designed for homeowners who prefer a modern country-style in their dining area. The Hampshire dining set includes a sturdy and strong large oval table made from rubber wood and six comfortable matching chairs. The table can be extended and is, therefore, the perfect piece of furniture to complement your dining area with a rustic charm.

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