I’m getting married! Who do I tell?

I’m getting married! Who do I tell?

January 7, 2019 0 By sanzida

Social media is full of ‘She said yes!’ posts, but we don’t always get to see the follow-up. It’s certainly an efficient way to announce your engagement, and it’s a massive ego boost when you see all those likes and shares. It does get messy sometimes because we often take social media for granted. We forget that our bosses and parents are on our friend list or follow list, and it can get awkward when they remind us – usually by commenting on an inappropriate post. Either way, posting your ring on your page may seem sufficient.

Some couples even go ahead and post their wedding invites on social media. It’s cheap (free) and easy but isn’t really a catch-all. For one thing, with timelines constantly shifting, you can’t be sure they’ll see it. It could get swallowed by the algorithm. Second, marriage is a big deal and requires some consideration. You’d hate it if you went for a job interview and your boss just posted ‘You’re hired’ on your page. At the very least it should be a DM.

Nuclear family

Your siblings and parents should hear it from you in person. You could call them or text them. Individually. Unless you have 15 siblings, it’s reasonable to call, text, or skype each one and tell them one-on-one. They may surprise you with their responses, but you do owe them a personal announcement. Besides, they’re the ones who will chip in for your wedding dress, so if you’re looking for help paying for that Abbie Lynette mermaid silhouette you have your heart set on here at Bridal Secrets, make those calls.

You also need to tell the bridal party – before you add them to a WhatsApp group. At least let them know what’s going on, and making the announcement can be a bonding experience. Sit with your fiancé, make a list, and do the calls together. You can use a bulk-calling bundle from your phone service, or do it via Facetime. You can still do an IG story or live video, but call your intimates first, and the do the post for the rest.


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