How to use eye makeup with your fake lashes

How to use eye makeup with your fake lashes

July 24, 2018 0 By tabbas

A lot of us don’t have the time to get permanent false eyelashes, and not to mention the upkeep every few weeks. The cost involved can also become a little expensive after a while. And for some of us, the entire process is just really uncomfortable. I don’t know about you but anything that closes to my eyes can make me more nervous than being thrown into a tank with sharks.

Thankfully false eyelashes have been around a lot longer and the best part is that you can put them on before a night out or event that you have to attend. And when you get home you can take them off without any worries, reusing them again in the future.

Store bought fake lashes are a lot cheaper and if you take care of them can really last for quite a while. There are also different kinds of styles to suit whatever mood you might be in. So you can build up your own little collection of beautiful falsies for any occasion.

When it comes to using store bought fake lashes there are a few rules you need to follow to get the maximum effect you are looking for. Like when to apply certain steps of your makeup routine? When to apply eyeliner and mascara etc.


Here are a few great tips to nail your false eyelash look without looking like too much of a doll who stepped out of a toy store.

  1. Foundation: This is an easy one without really having to mention it. Washing, moisturising, priming and applying foundation are the first steps to getting that perfect makeup look before even thinking of adding anything else.
  2. Eye Makeup: Next step is your eye makeup, by doing this step now you have the chance to fix any slip-ups without having to remove your false eyelashes.
  3. Mascara: Yes, applying mascara to your falsies may make it pop even more, but you won’t get as much wear out of them if you do. You will end up with caked on mascara that looks like you haven’t been home in two days. So, apply mascara to your eyelashes before even thinking of sticking on your fake eyelashes.
  4. The Snip: Your fake eyelashes most likely won’t fit the shape of your eye so this is where you can trim it to your liking. You can even cut it into smaller strips to apply separately to create an even more natural look. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get it right the first time though, practice makes perfect.
  5. Eyeliner: After having applied your falsies you can now apply your eyeliner. It will help the lashes look natural by covering the strip. If you find that there are glue remnants you might have to start over or remove it with an earbud dipped in a little bit of makeup remover. Apply your eyeliner with precision and your look will rock.

Whatever type of false eyelashes you decide to use, practice really does make perfect. You can always take a Sunday when you have nothing to do to practice applying the lashes until you know exactly how much to cut off and how to apply it perfectly.


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