How to Protect Your Restaurant from Rodents

How to Protect Your Restaurant from Rodents

July 23, 2018 0 By Saidul Hoque

As a restaurant owner or manager, you are always looking to attract more patrons. Whether it’s your five-star meals, your plush decor, your great service, or all the above, your establishment is probably designed to keep your best customers coming back for more. Unfortunately, if you are not careful, this could also result in you attract some unsolicited visitors that could easily undo all that you have made: rodents. Rats and mice are attracted by the same food, drink and shelter that you are providing your patrons. Not only can these pests spread disease to unsuspecting employees and customers alike, if they are spotted darting across the room, your reputation can be considered as good as ruined.

The trick, when it comes to pest control, is prevention. By putting in place measures such as Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs, one is sure to nip the problem at the bud and end an impending crisis before it occurs. IPM programs involve sanitation and regular maintenance protocols that are designed to keep your establishment free of pests. This relegates the use of eradication methods to last resorts. Eradication methods such as treatment tend to carry with them many health and environmental implications that one would rather avoid, especially in a foodservice establishment. Measures for proactive prevention are often taken in partnership with a commercial pest control in Sydney agency. This allows for the following to be implemented:

Facility maintenance measures

The best way to prevent a rodent infestation in your facility is by keeping out of the building. While this might sound quite simple and straightforward, it can be tedious and gruelling work. Any cracks or holes in your building’s exterior should be sealed with weatherproof sealant. Rats need a whole just as wide as a quarter to enter the building, while mice can burrow through a whole that is as small as a dime. This task must therefore be done to thorough completion.

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Rodents must also be considered when landscaping. A distance of about three feet, between the landscape and the building should be maintain. Having a clear gravel path instead, may reduce rodents’ access to the building as rodents generally avoid open areas where they can easily be spotted.

Placing your dumpster about 15-20 feet away from the building my go a long way in keeping rodents away from your building as the come scavenging for leftovers. Trash cans should always be tightly sealed to keep rodents out and should be emptied and washed weekly.

Sanitation Standards

High standards of sanitation must be maintained constantly if you wish to protect your restaurant from rodents. Everything from crumbs to spills are attractants for rodents and therefore should be cleaned up immediately. Leftover food should be disposed of appropriately and the trash can be sealed tightly, as mentioned above. Dirty dishes should not be left overnight, and all tight spaces, including between, beneath and behind cabinets should be swept and mopped thoroughly. More sanitary measures can be pointed out by your preferred pest control company.

Staff participation

While you may have a group of employees specifically in charge of sanitation, the only way to maintain the appropriate sanitary standards involves having all hands-on deck. Every member of the team, including chefs and waiters, should be involved in the effort to maintain a clean and therefore pest-free establishment. By teaching staff members about the importance of IPM guidelines through educational sessions with a pest control professional, they can better understand how to best do their part in your pest control program.


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