How to protect your home from rodents

How to protect your home from rodents

October 7, 2018 0 By sanzida

Not only can rats and mice cause huge damage to your home by chewing electrical cables and nesting in your roofs insulation, they are also known to carry several diseases, which can cause severe health issues to the human inhabitants. It is therefore vital to prevent your home from being the target of a pest infestation and make your house rodent proof to prevent the unwelcomed guests from entering and nesting in your four walls. Rodent-proofing your house, apartment, farm and other buildings means identifying and eliminating the conditions that attract such pests and not make it possible for them to survive. This mainly indicates making sure the rodents don’t get access to food, water and shelter especially during the cold season where the pests will seek a warm place to hibernate.

Just like us, rats an mice love to make themselves at home in warm places during winter and it is therefore furthermore crucial to block all entry points such as foundation holes, pipes and gutters using gnawing-proof material such as wire mesh, steel wool, sheet metal or cement mortar to discourage them from finding their way into your house. Vertically running pipes are great pathways for rats to find a way into your home. These are best to block by using glossy paint to paint a band around it to prevent climbing or place rodent guards around that can be purchased in hardware stores. Furthermore, make sure your roof shingles are secure and undamaged and the chimney capped to avoid pest entry.

You should also check your windowsills for entry points such as cracks and crevices, doors and keep tight lids on garbage bins as any crumb and food smell will attract rodents. Rats are not only agile creatures that can jump high and tread water for days, they also have the ability to squeeze themselves through tiny holes four times as small as them. Rodents are likely to seek shelter as soon as the cold weather settles in and as they are nocturnal creatures, you should take action as soon as you spot any evidence of pests such as droppings or even a living rodent as this might mean, that the animal is either hungry or in the worst case went out of the hiding place because of overcrowding hence there is already an infestation going on.

As rats and mice ten to make their nests out of newspaper, fabric and wood make sure your property is tidy to not provide any shelter or nesting material. If your store firewood, make sure you only carry it inside for immediate use otherwise you might present a nice spot for the unwelcomed guests.

Leaks can cause great damage to property but since pests also seek water supply during winter, make sure that your bathroom plumbing does not provide any water as well as roof and basement should be free of puddles and water access. Standing water in your backyard should be eliminated as well as covering pools and buckets or other containers where water might accumulate.

Any fallen debris and clutter during autumn like twigs and fallen leaves will provide ideal nests for pests. Make sure you clear your garden from all these potential nesting components before the cold season. Trees should be trimmed from overhanging to not provide sheltered vegetation space.

As rats and mice will most commonly build their nest 3-50 meters away from their food source, proper hygiene is one of the first steps to take to keep a rodent infestation at bay. The rodents will feed on any food discarded by humans and the easiest way to controlling an infestation is to prevent them from such sources by keeping a tight lid on garbage bins and keep pet food in sealed containers. Clear your kitchen counters and any other food preparation area overnight and wipe your floors from any spillage and have your food tightly sealed away.

If you have followed all these steps to prevent possible pest invasion but spot a rodent near your house contact residential pest control experts. They will provide you with several solutions on how to get rid of the pests and you can set your mind at rest knowing your house is safe.

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