How to Pick A Bouquet that Complements Your Wedding Dress

January 7, 2019 0 By sanzida

You wouldn’t just pick any old shoes or jewellery to pair with your bridal dress, so why would you choose a bouquet that doesn’t match your wedding day look? Your flowers should highlight and complement your dress without overwhelming it to create a balanced, beautiful and memorable pairing.

Just like wedding dresses, there are a dizzying array of options for bouquets – flowers come in all shapes, sizes, colours, arrangements, and price ranges. With so many choices and considerations, it can be challenging to find “the one,” so today we’ll be sharing some tips on how to pick a bouquet that will be a perfect counterpart to your special dress.

1. Match the Styles

Bouquets, just like wedding dresses, have evolved over the years, and come in designs ranging from more traditional to ultra-modern. Round bouquets will look best with an overall more traditional or classic dress style, as they are traditional themselves. Arm-sheaf and cascading bouquets are more modern styles, so they’ll fit better with more modern cuts and designs of wedding dresses.

2. Balance the Bouquet with the Dress

Most of us know that too much jewellery or accessories can outshine the main focal point of your outfit—the dress! The opposite can also happen, with the look appearing bare because of inadequate embellishments. The wrong bouquet can cause the same outcomes.

If you have a simple dress and an over-the-top bouquet, the dress will fade into the background. However, a more detailed bouquet that works with the details of a simple dress can also make the dress shine. In the same sense, if you have a gorgeous, detailed dress like Sottero and Midgley’s Ariya from Bridal Secrets and a very plain bouquet, the look will fall flat overall, but a too-flashy bouquet will also compete with a more complex dress. The key is to aim for a cohesive look in which the bouquet complements the dress and vice versa.

3. Check the Exact Colour of Your Dress

As you probably know after hours of dress shopping, not all wedding dresses are the exact same shade of white. If your dress is a bright white colour, you may want to choose brighter coloured flowers, as light colours and pastels will be washed out against the brilliant white of the dress. If your dress has ivory or gold tones, you may want to shy away from bright white flowers, as they may make the dress appear muted or dingy by comparison.

4. Consider Size and Shape

Just as you look for a dress that suits your body shape, you’ll want to look for a bouquet in a size that doesn’t hide you (and your dress!) or make you look large by comparison. You’ll also want to make sure the flowers aren’t hiding assets of the dress. For instance, if your dress has a ballgown silhouette with a full skirt with detailed beading, you probably won’t want to choose a cascading bouquet, as it would hide those details. An A-line or mermaid silhouette like those available at Bridal Secrets would probably be a better choice for that bouquet.

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