How to Match Your Bridesmaid Dresses to Your Bridal Gown

January 7, 2019 0 By sanzida

Your wedding dress is your style and a reflection of your tastes, but it can still be incredibly tricky to find the perfect dress. What can be even trickier still is finding a dress for your bridesmaids that complements your look—with different heights and body types to take into account, it’s a tough mission indeed. Read on to learn about which types of bridesmaid dresses will perfectly complement your weddings dress and help you shine on your big day.

1. Princess Silhouettes and Ballgown Dresses

A ballgown silhouette like the Mori Lee 2791 at Bridal Secrets is a classic for a romantic and elegant wedding day look. Flowing, chiffon bridesmaid dresses complement this style perfectly and can be selected in a wide variety of colours, lengths, and strap-styles and still look great. Another option for a truly enchanting wedding party is to have your bridesmaids wear a similar princess or ballgown style dress as yours, but in a different colour and with less detailing, so their dresses don’t steal the show.

2. Sleek Chic

If you’ve opted for a more minimalistic, sleek dress without too much fuss like the Ingrid from Rebecca Ingram, you’ll want your bridesmaids dresses to follow suit with clean lines. Avoid voluminous fabrics and layered skirts as well as too much lace or beading details, which will look busy next to your dress. The Ingrid dress is available at Bridal Secrets.

If your dress is sleek and has a modern feel to it, you can also consider selecting bridesmaids dresses with a slight retro feel to them to create a playful contrast with your dress.

3. Boho

If your dress is an airy, flowing number with bohemian vibes, you’ll want bridesmaid dresses that also channel that carefree, relaxed feeling. Flutter sleeves, flowing skirts, and draped details are all great details that will ensure that your bridesmaids’ look is free-spirited and complements your bohemian style dress.

4. Ruffles, Crystals, Beads, and Details

If your bridal gown is covered in intricate lacework, beading, and crystals, your bridesmaids are going to look flat if their dresses are too simple next to yours. However, you should also avoid harsh colours or dramatic cuts, as these will take the attention off of the details on your wedding gown. Choose a shimmering fabric, dresses with beading on the bodice or around the neckline, or even sequins to make sure you all shine together as a bridal party. This is also a great opportunity to mix and match different dress styles that all share a common theme that appears in your wedding dress, whether it’s beading, lace, a specific colour, or similar necklines.

5. Fitted

If your dress hugs your curves in all the right ways, you’ll want to choose a similar (but perhaps toned down) fit-and-flare silhouette for your bridesmaids. Because fit-and-flare dresses tend to have a more formal look about them, you’ll want to choose a long dress for your bridesmaids. Strapless, high-neck, and v-neck dresses work great to complement a fit-and-flare style.

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