How to Dress for Your After Party (Trend Alert!)

January 7, 2019 0 By sanzida

Have you heard? The latest trend for your wedding is to keep the party kicking on after your reception has finished. No longer do you have to be whisked away at midnight ala Cinderella, with your friends unable to “really get down” since they’re leaving at the same time as the olds. Why should your friends have all the fun going out late night clubbing after your wedding, when you can throw your own after party?

It’s the new trend that’s gathering steam among the millennial social-set and gives you the opportunity to throw the party with your friends that allows you to let your hair down post-wedding really. Forget the Sunday post-wedding barbie and throw yourself an after party.

As an after party, this is where you can select a more fun venue, like a warehouse, or even have it in a house party style – just warn the neighbours. You can play techno, rap, or whatever your heart desires without having to worry that it’ll make your uncles and aunties leave the venue.

Because your after party is going to be a little bit more of a casual affair inevitably, you can take off your Maggie Sottero Brinkley dress from Bridal Secrets with its stunning but not so dancefloor-ready mermaid silhouette and get changed into something a little comfier to bounce around in. White is still going to be a popular choice for after party dresses, but if you have a habit of spilling drinks on yourself, you might like to pick something with a colourful, intricate design on it.

Think about your very best party dress, and you’ll get the idea. One that’s easy to dance in, super eye-catching, flattering for your figure, and a unique design – perhaps a really cool pattern in colours you know look good on you of course! If you’re struggling to keep in your wedding budget, you can always rent one of these too.

You’ll probably want to switch up your shoes for your after party too. Do you already have a pair of go-to heels you know will get you through a whole evening dancing? There’s no reason to risk it on a new pair if you might end up in blisters. If you’re absolutely set on new shoes, make sure that you wear them in beforehand instead, and choose a wedge if you’re not well practised on your stilettos. Hey, even some cool sneakers could work if that’s more your thing!

Bridal Secrets can help you find that dream wedding dress for your special day, as well as chat about how to incorporate the theme of your wedding into the late night hours of your after party. We’ve been specialists in the bridal game for many years, helping every sort of bride in ironing out those essential fashion choices on her big day – and night! Either drop us an email to find out some more info or book an appointment or stop by our store with your girls to check out our fantastic range that will help to get you even more excited about your big day.

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