How Many Banners will You Need for Your Corporate Exhibition

How Many Banners will You Need for Your Corporate Exhibition

April 30, 2018 0 By Saidul Hoque

Banners are among the most effective branding tools. Many people use banners especially when they have a sales stand or they are running an offer on their goods or services. These displays are captivating and quickly translate to the sale of goods and services. At exhibitions, they subliminally push the brand of a company. Many corporates are fond of using banners at exhibitions to push their names. Despite all the functions of banners, deciding on how many to carry along with you for a corporate exhibition is always difficult. To determine the number of banners to pack, here are a few factors to consider.

Banners come in all shapes and sizes. For an effective marketing or branding campaign, you might want to go for a unique setup in your corporate exhibition. Considering many spaces in expos and exhibitions have different banners from different companies, having a unique set up is bound to get you the attention you need. If you have the attention then you shall not need many banners. There are many exhibition banner options like Retractable Banner, Portable Banner, Pull Up Banner that is available in the market. Depending on your budget, you can get large banners or smaller banners. The shape and size of your banner can be customized to meet your specifications. Hence, go for something unique that can get the attention you need. Banners are among the top marketing and branding tools available for corporate exhibitions. Their effective use is guaranteed to get you the attention you need.

The content on your banner is central to your banner being effective. A banner is meant to be an eye-catcher. The more unique the design the more attention it can get. A banner can have text only, an image alone or a combination of both. The challenge lies in choosing the perfect design not only to get people’s attention but also to sell your brand. More often than not, your banner will not be the only one in the area. Therefore, it is crucial for the content on your banner to be original and unique. If the content on your banner is able to capture a lot of attention, it becomes unnecessary to have many banners. Moreover, if the display on your banners is the same there is no need to invest in many banners. However, if you have multiple designs for your banner then perhaps more banners will be effective. Banners are an effective branding tool if you know how to use them.

Banners are built to be seen. This means placement is a huge factor to consider if you want to use any banner effectively. To get attention to your banner, you must place it where many will see it. Most banners fail to get the attention of potential clients or push a brand because they are tucked away in a corner. Moreover, some banners are placed next to distracting stands and items that steal away the attention from the banner. For your branding to be effective, place your banner in an area with high human traffic and clear visibility. If your banner is clearly visible then you may not need many of them. Where you are planning to set up also determines the number of banners you shall need for your corporate exhibition. For exhibitions in large spaces, you need many banners to cover enough area for effective branding.

The last thing to consider when trying to decide on how many banners to bring to your corporate exhibition is your budget. Banners can be costly depending on the size and the design. Unfortunately, your budget is a huge determinant of how many banners you can erect at a corporate exhibition. If the provision for banners on your budget is high then you can get many banners to sell your brand at a corporate exhibition. If the allocation of banners in your budget is low, then you can opt for either few large, jaw-dropping banners or many small and simple banners. Whether or not you set up many banners, the final objective of a banner at corporate exhibitions is to push a brand.


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