How Good Is BB Cream as a Base

How Good Is BB Cream as a Base

September 18, 2018 0 By Saidul Hoque

BB cream is the all in one base cream for the busy person. It acts as a foundation, sunblock, and moisturiser, all in the one cream. BB stands for blemish balm, or in Western markets it stands for beauty balm, and was developed in Korea for the Asian market, before making its way to Western markets.

It’s no longer a new thing or gimmick – BB cream is here to stay, as more and more people are using it for its ease of use and multipurpose action that saves time for people on the go. BB creams often contain healthy natural oils that will moisturize and protect the skin, setting them apart from foundations that only have aesthetic effects. But does BB cream have that same aesthetic appeal and flexibility that foundation has? In this post, we try to dig deep and discover whether BB cream is a good base.


What is it?

BB cream or Beauty Balm is a tinted base cover that contains skin replenishing ingredients and is used to both treat and cover skin blemishes. Some BB creams make claims of anti-aging and skin replenishing treatment. They often contain Vitamin C and natural oils which aid in skin care and wrinkle prevention, making it a great multipurpose base cream. BB creams also have an SPF factor which can protect your skin from the harsh rays of the sun and prevent premature aging.

It’s hard to go wrong with BB cream as a base. It’s so easy to apply and works well as a base coat, although the colour range is quite limited to as compared to foundation. BB creams usually come in light, medium or dark and different brands have a different interpretation of these three shades so you may have to do some research and shop around different brands until you find one that works for you.

BB cream is somewhat lighter than foundation and doesn’t offer as much coverage as a foundation. It’s ideal for coverage of light blemishes and will detract attention from the prominence of medium to heavy blemishes. Heavier blemishes will be visible, but the beauty of BB cream is that it aims to reduce and repair medium to heavy blemishes, while concealing them at the same time. BB cream may not offer the heavy coverage foundation does, but it works to repair them which is a definite positive feature. Plus, there’s always the option to put on your full coverage foundation over the top.

BB creams offer a subtle coverage and are ideal when you’re after a more natural look. They are somewhere between a tinted moisturiser and a foundation. It’s best to use a brush when applying BB cream, so you’re not transferring oils and bacteria from your fingers onto your face. Bacteria and oil are responsible for blemishes so using your fingers is counterproductive to the quest of blemish free skin.

BB cream can save you time and money, as it does more than cover blemishes. It hydrates and repairs the skin as well as acts as a sunscreen. This makes it ideal for the person on the go. Be sure to read the ingredients of your BB cream and look for ones with natural ingredients that are renowned for healing and moisturising your skin. Look for natural ingredients such as shea butter, vitamin E and vitamin C. These are all essential ingredients to maintaining healthy skin.

Although BB cream has many positive benefits, some it does receive some criticism and common complaints. Due to BB creams’ limited colour range it can be hard to find one that will match your skin tone. Each brand has its own unique shades and you will have to try a few before finding one that matches your skin tone. While Korean BB creams are often touted as the best in the business, matching shades to a Western complexion may be impossible.

Cheap BB creams don’t feel nice on the skin. You’re better off shelling out some extra cash on a good BB cream, as cheaper creams don’t have the same health benefits and don’t feel or look nice on the skin. BB cream is multipurpose, so you can justify spending extra on a BB cream as it will replace at least three items in your cosmetic bag.

BB cream is a great base if you can find one that works with your skin tone. Not only does it cover up blemishes, it aids in the fight to remove them altogether and leave skin looking and feeling great. This being said, BB cream doesn’t with the same colour range as other base products, such as foundation, and can take some shopping around to find a brand that suits you. As a whole, BB creams are a good base and provide the added benefits of sunblock and moisturiser and are great for people on the go – as long as you can find a brand that matches your skin tone.

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