Eye shadowing techniques and colours to make green eyes pop

Eye shadowing techniques and colours to make green eyes pop

October 22, 2018 0 By Saidul Hoque

It is estimated that only about 2% of the world’s population has green eyes. So if you’re here reading this, congrats on being in the minority of stunning eye colours! Green eyes are already very beautiful on their own but how do you make them pop and stand out even more? With such gorgeous eyes comes the responsibility of showing them off. So if you have forest green, grass green, sea green or even khaki green eyes this article is for you!

1. Colour

First off, you have to know what colours will bring out the colour of your eyes. And when we think green eyes we think purple, nothing makes the eyes pop like any shade of purple. So if you like it dark or light, it doesn’t matter.

Instead of a smokey black eye, you can opt for a smokey grey. This especially works during the day for work if you don’t want an overly dramatic look when heading to the office.

Whilst not many of us reach for the gold eyeshadow nowadays, you can definitely put it on your makeup list from now on. It’s perfect for a night out with the girls or even a first date.

Neutral browns, yes, it sounds oh so boring, but on green eyes, it really won’t look it. Any neutral brown will be perfect for a daytime look.

Now that we’ve got the colours down we can move onto how to use them to your advantage.

2. Primer

As with any makeup look be sure to use primer on your lids so the makeup your using will glide on perfectly and stay put.

3. Eyeliner

A liquid black eyeliner over on the top lid will accentuate the purple shade that you have chosen a lot more than if it was on the bottom lid. You want your eyes to look bigger, not smaller, that way you know you’ll have your green eyes on display.

Espresso/brown eyeliners are perfect for a daytime look, paired with a neutral brown or maybe a lighter purple.

White eyeliner is still something most women don’t have in their makeup bags, but for those green-eyed gals, it will take your look that step further. By adding the white liner to the inner corner of your eyes and blending it slightly you will be brightening your eyes and it will also make them look bigger.

4. The Purple Look

After applying the primer you blend in a medium shade of purple eyeshadow all over your lids, all the way from your lash line then slightly past your crease. Then you brush on a lighter shade of purple from the crease to your brow. Lastly, you apply a dark purple on your lash line then blend gently to create a more natural and gradual purple ombre look. Apply black eyeliner and mascara.

If you struggle to get the look right the first time just practice the look when you have some downtime. You’ll nail it eventually.

5. The Smokey Eye

We all have our go-to smokey eye look and this is the perfect opportunity to try it out with the grey eyeshadow. If you haven’t mastered this look yet be sure to ask your local makeup artist for a crash course or watch a few YouTube videos and choose your favourite look.

We hope you get the look that you want and that your green eyes will make heads turn. If you’re still struggling after a while you can always look into taking a short makeup course. It will teach you all the tips, techniques and tools that you can use to make yourself look absolutely irresistible!

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