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January 7, 2019 0 By sanzida

Every bride wants to be irresistible on her wedding day, and we achieve it in different ways. We may get into the best shape of our lives, have our makeup professionally done, or choose a look that completely floors our natural disposition. The tomboy bride might opt to show off her girly side, with a curve-hugging gown and a distinctly feminine get-up. The party girl might shock her groom with a demure, innocent look crafted to impress his mom. The mousy librarian may celebrate her inner vamp. This article is for her.

We all have that sensual inner goddess that only our partners know about, and our wedding day may be the chance to give the world a glimpse of it, only for a day. Bridal Secrets understands that sometimes, you want your bridal gown to be just shy of scandalous. So, if you really want a jaw-dropping dress for your big day, we have a few suggestions you might like.

Sexy slipping

Every boudoir shoot or sexy movie scenario has that one moment when her strap slips off her shoulder, almost by accident, or maybe she teases it down herself, tantalising her lover (and the viewers at large) with the prospect of intimacy. What if you could mimic that effect in your wedding dress – while remaining fully clothed? We have multiple options of ‘teaser sleeves’ in a variety of silhouettes.

Maggie Sottero designs like Brinkley and Gentry have loose strappy laces that slide off the shoulder in that exact image, keeping his imagination running throughout the day. Meanwhile, the Magdalyn can be worn sleeveless or can have loose sleeves, slipping off shoulders embellished with crystals. The dress itself is a glittering mesh of sparkle in a spectrum of colours that range from ivory to rose gold.

Bottom bounty

Some fashionistas advise that you should only highlight one part of your body at a time, to avoid confusing your admirers’ eyes. So if you choose a dramatic lipstick, have a toned down look for your eyes and vice versa. The wedding dress equivalent of this is to have a loud top or a loud bottom. So if you have a plunging neckline, you can enhance it with a beaded belt, but you should have a simple skirt. And if you pick a mermaid silhouette, keep your top simple with a basic sweetheart neckline and no sleeves. It’s also implied that wearing a long sheathed garment is sexier than showing too much skin.

So if you want the bottom of your dress grabbing all the attention, get a full, complex skirt like Ariya or Brinkley. Brinkley is an especially daring choice because it combines slipping shoulder straps and a dramatically ruffled skirt. It’s a versatile dress that looks equally good on brides from lean and trim to plus-sized (specifically, the Brinkley Lynette variant works for curvy girls), darker complexions to fair olive skin. The dress is available in ivory and blush with silver accents and lots of crystals. Both Brinkley and Ariya are coming soon to a storefront near you, so talk to us and be the first bride to grace this gorgeous dress.

For bold, daring, gorgeous wedding gowns (and matching accessories), call Bridal Secrets today on 02 9635 3311.

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