Does Brisbane Have Less Pests than Sydney?

Does Brisbane Have Less Pests than Sydney?

October 7, 2018 0 By sanzida

This is a competition that no one wants to win. Who has the most pests? I don’t think either city will be putting their hands up to claim the title. Sydney’s rat problem is rampant and widespread, so far that the media has ran numerous stories on it. Brisbane’s roach problem has been receiving similar attention. There are lots of variables when it comes to divulging whether Brisbane has less pests than Sydney, such as land mass and population density.

Sydney’s main pest problem is with rats. They love the place, especially the CBD. Sydney is being swamped by rats, running rampant through the city, and the council is having trouble keeping up with the problem. There is even talk about forming special task forces to combat the problem.

The problem is that these rats can breed almost as fast as they can be wiped. Over the space of a year, 2 rats can produce up to 15,000 offspring. That’s a lot of babies that will soon turn into adult rats that can then multiply and multiply until they take over the town. Of course, human intelligence will always prevail over this more primitive species. Hired guns such as pest controllers can be employed to curb the rat problem and hopefully eradicate entirely. But this is highly unlikely.

Did you know that the common rat is the most successful mammal? When I say successful I don’t mean taking over the stock market or becoming a real estate mogul. What I mean is that they have adapted to their environment and humans and rats co-exist (mainly) in peace. The common rat can be found wherever humans exist, apart from the extremely cold areas such as Antarctica.

There is no way to gauge the number of pests in either city as the pests don’t have access to computers and they can’t write so it’s impossible for them to fill out a census.

So, in this case, we must use our common sense and our senses. The correlation and the coexistence of rats and humans is synonymous. So, the higher the population density of humans, the higher population density of rodents.

But pests come in different species as well, such cockroaches, possums, termites, and spiders.

When it comes to spiders, Queensland would take the title hands down – as it home to a variety of different species. You’ve got you crab spider, wolf spider, night stalking spider, orb weavers, tangle web… and that’s just to name a few. These spiders have a habit of making Queensland homes their habitat and once they are established in their home they will breed until their numbers reach pest proportions. The problem with spiders is that they can cause humans harm and if you have small children running around the house it can be a problem.

Then you have cockroaches. They are everywhere in every city, Brisbane especially. So much so, that many publications in Brisbane have been reporting on large numbers in and around the city. Cockroaches have been there for a very long time and it’s pretty rare that a common household hasn’t come across a cockroach here and there. It’s the number of cockroaches that’s the problem. Some households in Brisbane have reported epidemic numbers, basically swarms of cockroaches. Yuck!

This could happen everywhere if the roach problem is ignored. The best way to combat this is to get hired guns involved. When I say hired guns I mean pest controllers. You can identify if you have a roach problem by looking out for a few tell-tale signs. Firstly, you will find cockroach droppings around your house that look like small coffee grounds. You can also identify them by the smell. If musty odours with a chemical twinge are emanating through your house it’s time to call the pest controllers. This is an indication that you have a roach problem.

Possums are also considered pests and are more prominent in the Brisbane area. They have grown in numbers and are terrorizing households. At any opportunity, they get they will be gaining access to your house through an ajar window and starting to rummage through your garbage. Sydney has possums, but not nearly as many as Brisbane. Possums are probably the least troublesome of the pests, as they only cause disturbance of the peace and maybe ransacking your garbage.

The black rat that resides in both cities and is the major problem. They have the ability to carry a myriad of diseases, while themselves remain unaffected, but those who come into to contact them with can get seriously ill. These little bastards were responsible for many plagues in England many years ago and wiped out a lot of humans. They are also well known for causing major ecological destruction.

The pest problem is rife in both cities and to try to determine which city has the most pests would be a time-consuming waste of money. The best thing you can do is use your common sense and eyes and recognise that you may have a problem. If you do, get a hold of your local pest controller and get that problem sorted. Everyone needs to be aware of the problems and dangers that these nasty little critters can cause and take action. Regardless of what city you’re in, there will be pests. So, get it done.

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