Create Your Alfresco Area with Travertine

Create Your Alfresco Area with Travertine

July 20, 2018 0 By Abbey Morris

Outdoor dining is hugely popular throughout Australia. We have the ideal weather for outdoor entertaining and nearly every backyard has some sort of alfresco area. We love the outdoors down under and not much persuasion is needed for someone to whip out the barbie and get the friends and family together for the quintessential Australian BBQ.

If you’re going to be spending a lot of time outdoors entertaining, why not turn the area into a pleasant and functional space? Outdoor natural stone tiles are the ideal flooring option due to their durability, functionality and beautiful appearance.

Travertine is a natural stone similar to limestone and is often called travertine limestone. It’s very similar to limestone in appearance, although contains a unique composition. Travertine is a build-up of calcium carbonate until it forms large solid masses, which are then processed and made into building materials such as pillars and tiles. Travertine varies in colour from white, cream, and covering all the pinks in the spectrum all the way to deep red. It is a porous stone and must be sealed when it is used indoors with a special sealant to make it waterproof.

If you have ever been to Italy, you may very well have seen travertine tiles. Well, in fact, it’s hard to miss, as the Italians use it everywhere and have been for a long time. The ancient Romans favoured travertine as a building material and used it for aqua ducts, bathhouses, stadiums, and theatres.

If it’s good enough for the ancient Romans, it’s good enough for us. The ancient Romans favoured travertine for a reason. It’s durable and will stand up to all the elements, both extreme heat and extremely cold temperatures,making it the ideal stone paver for your alfresco area.

Travertine is a great material to use in your outdoor kitchen. It can be used as flooring, benches and even barbeques. It’s so easy to clean, just whip out the old garden hose and wash it down with a broom and some soap. The porous nature of travertine ensures that it dries super-fast and is non slip even when it’s wet. The non-slip attribute also makes travertine ideal for use around spas and pools.

The variety of colours and finishes available in travertine tiles is amazing. The tiles, with their natural colouring and finish, will look spectacular and brighten up your alfresco area. It’s fun to experiment with different colour patterns and finishes. Start off using two colours to create patterns on pathways and gazebos. Then add feature tiles every so often to create a focal point. Experiment, have fun, and you will be surprised at the majestic looks that can be created by travertine. Browse online in Google Images for some inspiration and ideas of what can be achieved with travertine.

Before buying your travertine tiles you should have a fair idea of the aesthetic you desire. Jot down some ideas and rough drafts of your plan. Measure the space you are tiling so you know how much ground and bench space you need to cover. Your travertine seller will have a lookbook to give you some ideas. But why not be original and create your own travertine alfresco are?

Experiment with the different sizes and colour of the tiles to create unique patterns that will add depth and appeal to your alfresco area. Travertine looks great on barbecues, floors and benchtops. A good method is to use neutral colour travertine tiles on the floor and highlight the barbecue and bench using different colour tiles – or vice versa.

Regardless of the application, travertine has stood the test of time and proven itself to be an amazing building material for indoor and outdoor applications. The number of styles and unique natural beauty of travertine tiles make it the perfect building material for your alfresco area.

So when it comes time to renovate your outdoor area, keep travertine in mind for your outdoor tiles. It’s durable, functional and versatile. Designing your alfresco area using travertine is a fun and rewarding venture that will transform an outdoor area into an inviting space, while adding value to your home. Travertine is pretty cheap compared to other materials on the market and it’s easy to use that’s why many builders prefer using it to other materials. So get out the sketch pad and search online for ideas. Then start sketching out your ideal alfresco area. The sky is the limit so get your creative thinking hat on and reach for the stars.

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