Autumn Makeup Trends

Autumn Makeup Trends

May 1, 2018 0 By Saidul Hoque

When autumn creeps up on us it’s hard to cling to the remnants of summer as the leaves begin to litter the streets everywhere we look. Some of us love this season and some of us find it too drab and bleak and our summery dispositions make way for a complete fall in our attitudes.

One way to brighten up our autumn days is to take on the fall 2018 makeup trends. Nothing about the new looks are bleak or drab at all. There’s something for every type of makeup lover out there, be it minimal or absolute glam. All you have to do is pick your favourite/favourites, it’s as easy as that.


A state of nirvana

Or shall I rather say grunge? Courtney Love has been wearing it since the nineties and even now it’s so on trend it might even have a hint of teen spirit.

Reddish browns, brownish orange tones are all the rage and will look perfect matched with a more subdued eye and blush. Or if you’re someone who loves turning heads, pair it with one of the other trends mentioned here.


Autumn blues

A pop of colour instead of a black cat-eye will warp you right into fall 2018 without missing a step. If the cat-eye is not your thing a blue or green eyeliner might be more your style. It’s a look that will match your little black dress when you head out for a party or even a date.


Who doesn’t love jewellery

Well, in this case, jewel tones for your lips or eyes. Colours range from blues to plums and whatever your favourite colour palette there’s bound to be a jewel tone or two for you to pick from.

When applying to the eye make it dramatic and not like it should be fading into the background. When you’re applying it to the lip you can go for a gradual effect, tapering the colour as you go.


Go insane, go insane, throw some glitter, make it rain

Every little girl within ourselves is screaming with joy and being called a woooh-girl because we can finally live out our glitter dreams and be bang on trend.

Glitter has been gracing the lids of models on the catwalks everywhere and it’s absolutely gorgeous. From fine to Swarovski crystals, black to gold. This is one makeup look you can’t miss because chances like this don’t come by often.


Brows on point

Big brows are back with a vengeance and many of us are secretly jumping around because that means less waxing/plucking and more upkeep than anything else.

No more thin barely visible brows, it’s time for our natural looks to make a big return!

Like I said pick one, and mix and match. Just don’t do all 5 at once or more than two. Sometimes less is really more! Join a reputed makeup academy and learn more about the latest make-up trands.

Happy autumn!

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